Slow JOY, A Casa Mama Yemi Ceremony and prizes to be won

Today I am going slow… Here it is only 13pm but still ūüôā  I arrived in Playa Del Carmen late last night after a beautiful sound healing with Ira Calixto (who we interviewed on PowerUp! Podcast listen HERE) at Casa Manantial in Tulum. And this morning I took my Journalling to JOY super slow, listening to […]

What does your name mean? And an intuitive reading as a spark of JOY!

Today I have a story to share (a spark of JOY and a great way to procrastinate an hour of your time!), a gift, plus a Maya Mentions (My new section celebrating someone doing awesome things in the world!) I love an urban dictionary description, and today i thought I would share mine, along with […]

What are you creating and do you still play?

Greetings and Grand rising ! How are you today?¬† We have been feeling playful!¬†Here’s an example ūüôā¬† We completed our Abs Challenge! And will be doing the big reveal (did Ella get Abs?) next week on¬†instagram!!!¬†Hint… it definitely hasn’t been easy in an older (& wiser!) body but we have learnt a lot about HOW […]