The Goddxx Path

A 9 Month Coaching Programme

In its fourth year, this is a 9 month coaching programme to Master your intuition.  

Are you a creative that knows your potential but just keeps running into difficulties, hurdles, Money Blocks, things just don’t quite turn out as you would like or have imagined?  

Or are you working in a job that doesn’t satisfy you but know that there is more and you are not reaching your potential? If so, you are in the right place! 

I am a creative that has been working with intuition and alchemy the past 8 years, and I bring this and my 20 years working in the creative industry to help you transform and overcome all of that stuff and learn how to hold the creative tension, the vision and work with intuition to create a life of JOY

The course involves the following elements:

  • Over 9 months, you will get taught so many tools to transform your personal and business life so that leaving the course, you are held and ready to THRIVE in all you do with the following content

  • Twice monthly 121 coaching sessions (18 sessions in total, working deeply into the themes of the course and using all the tools of alchemy for example learning HOW you sabotage your own success, healing past beliefs and stories, learning to use intuition and learning how to hold the tension and the stress so you can create no matter what is happening externally to you) 

  • Once monthly Sunday Group Sessions (The last Sunday of the month) three and a half hour of intuitive practice in group, and deep dives inspired by the chakras helping you to alchemise the blocks in each chakra. 14-17:30hrs UK Time

  • A once Monthly Alchemy Group talk (The second Monday of the month) that teaches the hermetic principles of alchemy (plus a few extras including a pelvic bowl healing, wheel of consent training, enneagram training & the Heroines Journey) at 19:30hrs UK 

  • You will have access to all Maya Gandaia online offerings and courses (including Embodied Alchemy) for two years from the day you sign up.

  • Lifetime early-bird price on all retreats

  • A weekly writing session throughout the 9 months (every Friday at 14hrs UK time) as an accountability group (there will be one led session every three months, and the rest just to hold accountability).

Your space is only confirmed once you book.

We only accept up to 9 clients a year on this epic journey to JOY and it is interview only so please reserve your space as soon as you are ready. 
We are interviewing up until the 10th April (We begin on the 12th April), but interviews are limited, so book in HERE: note if you cannot attend and do not cancel your session you will not be able to reschedule).


Do You Offer Scholarships?
YES: We offer subsidized spots. Book in a discovery call to discuss
Do I Need to Sign Up Right Away?
There are a Max of 9 spots: Once they are full you can go on the waiting list for next year
What if I am too Busy?
The time commitment is two coaching sessions (one hour each a month), one Sunday session (The last Sunday of the month) and one evening (the 2nd Monday) of the month. If you miss a coaching session without notifying me 24hrs in advance you will forfeit your session (except in emergencies), but otherwise we can reschedule and any unused sessions at the end of the programme can be used afterwards (these must be used by April the following year). We film the Monday sessions but not Sundays (unless the whole group agrees) (This is because they tend to be very deep and transformational sessions).
I’m not sure I’m ready for this course, how will I know?
If this commitment feels too big why not consider Embodied Alchemy, purchase 6 coaching sessions or pop yourself on next year’s waitlist?
What are the dates for next year?
Alchemist Path Sessions: 2023: 12th Apr, 10th May, 14th Jun, 12th July 9th Aug, 13th Sept, 12th Oct, 8th Nov, 13th Dec
Goddxx Path Sunday Sessions: 2023: 30th Apr, 28th May, 25th Jun, 30th Jul, 27th, Aug, 24th Sept, 29th Oct, 25th Nov, 17th Dec
Coaching Sessions (Booked in your own time)

The term Goddxx is one I created inspired by this Urban Dictionary definition: 

Goddexx: Noun. (1) a deity who is non-gendered, gender neutral, and/or nonbinary; (2) an intentionally and explicitly gender neutral term for any generic deity; (3) figuratively, someone who is awesome, admirable, attractive, powerful, highly skilled (at something), etc. in the same manner one might say “he’s a god” or “she’s a goddess”. 

I define a goddxx as someone who steps up to their (goddxx like) potential. That is their genius, their superconscious or their highest self, which transcends the polarity of male and female, which transcends gender, and all earthly binaries. So here is my own dictionary definition:

Goddxx: Noun. (1) A Goddxx is a person who leans in fearlessly to living their true nature and a life of joy & purpose.

This 9 month programme allows for a beautiful transformation as we deep dive in beautiful community to support you create balance, abundance, creative fire and willpower to transform from the inside out.The Goddxx Path helps you create your destiny and live a life of joy.

Clients have changed jobs, changed careers, quit jobs, built new businesses, transformed their income, profoundly boosted their relationship with themselves and others, met new partners, moved countries, and more!

The Goddxx Path is a 9 month programme that combines attraction and action to make a real difference to how you live your life. It sheds light on the illusions holding you back from experiencing JOY every single day.

I work with all the imbalances at each chakra, the enneagram and intuition to help you understand where you are not helping yourself.

I work with the ancient practice of alchemy (from ancient Kemet), to connect to the infinite wisdom of the universe and connect to your intuition.

I would love to help you to connect to your true purpose and to listen to the whisper of your heart!

Here’s how it all breaks down

MODULE 01 & 02:

(Two months)

Coming back HOME to Ourselves: Burning through our Fears and Setting a good foundation and building our toolbox to create abundance. Coaching sessions to create your Land Of Plenty, teach you bridge work, go deeper with your values and alchemise money beliefs.

MODULE 03 & 04:

(Two months)

Connecting to our SACRED Self: Connecting to our pleasure, reawakening our joy, releasing the wounds, and stories, setting good boundaries and re-discovering our intuition. Coaching sessions to look at your archetypes, teach you circle work and get you set up with powerful spirit guidance.


(One month)

CREATE a life we treasure: Creating the structures, understanding where our beliefs hold us back from creating, Finding our Will and creating our choices for our future. Coaching to discover your DATS & Enneagram Number.


(One month)

Filling up our Cup so we can radiate HEART: Self love, connecting from whole, and a intuition deep dive. Coaching to realign from conflict to your Goddxx-Like potential and bridge work.


(One month)

Allowing our heart to SING: Communication, expression and speaking from whole. Coaching to explore and release fears around being you to the full and circle work


(One month)

Inviting our soul to FLY: Intuition work, Reawakening our imagination, Alchemising our thoughts to make Lemonade. Coaching on stuck and oscillating choices and intuitively finding what to work with together


(One month)

Connecting our GODDXX: Connecting, Spirit Guidance and planting seeds for the future. Coaching on a new Land of Plenty and a completion. Plus CLOSING CEREMONY: Completion and Naming Ceremony.