Embodied Alchemy

Embodied Alchemy: Channeling Our Emotions into Creativity Inner Tuition.

EMBODIED ALCHEMY is a 7-month online course to release trapped emotions in the body & turn them into creative genius… as well as to begin the deep work in intuition to realign with our purpose.

This course is about deep listening, embodiment, and turning all of the ‘shit’ to gold, to realise your goddxx-like creative potential. 

I am a creative that has been working with intuition and alchemy for the past 8 years, and I bring this and my 22 years working in the creative industry to help you transform and overcome all of that stuff and learn how to hold the creative tension, the vision and work with intuition to create a life of JOY.

Over the 7 months you will:

  • Become an abundant master of flow, creativity and life. 
  • Master your emotions and learn how to channel them from psychological stress, arguments and procrastination into creativity using epic movement, meditation & manifestation tools 
  • Gain the structures, the tools, the unlearning, the creative inspiration and the willpower to actually make it (whatever it is you would TRULY love) happen! (Without having to fake it till you make it, be a starving artist for the rest of your life or sacrifice your values for success)

Benita Nwulu

Embodied Alchemy 2023

“This magical being is alchemy in human skin. No matter what I have brought – my dreams, my doubts, my wisdom and my wobbles – I have been held in love… encouraged to FLY”

Marie Dedikova

Embodied Alchemy 2022

“I did the last cycle of Embodied Alchemy. It helped me a lot. I got so creative I had so many ideas, I was experiencing many synchronicities… I would call them miracles or something: some kind of magic! I wasn’t like this… so positive and cheerful in September when I started the course just to tell you how much it changed me this is a really great course I love it!”

Course Dates

You will have access to this course for LIFE and there is no set time for completion, but each year, I open the course in June on the 21st with an Opening Ceremony, offering:  

A facebook group to share all our learning (and unlearning), growth and scary shit (videos of ourselves doing what we do best (being us to the full) to realise it is nowhere near as scary as it is in our heads, and prepare to share our gifts with the world.
Plus, in September through October we have a 9-week incubator with once-a-week group coaching calls to delve deeper into the concepts and share our journey in community.
 This year’s dates are HERE
You are welcome to attend these calls each year as many times as you like once you are signed up.
Each module you are invited to share at least once in the Facebook group and celebrate the other members (your Embodied Alchemy community) creativity, beauty and bravery… 
There is a prize for the person who shows up most over the year… access to The Goddxx Path for the following year (9 months) (*Access to the course and group coaching calls for 9 months, but NOT coaching calls: you can opt to buy these on top)

Course Structure

MODULE 01 HOME: Grounding into the foundational training to create lifelong abundance: Practical tools to detox and declutter & decolonise our thinking. Journal & meditation foundations. A daily movement task (this is the first two months of the course)
 MODULE 02 SACRED: Connecting to Pleasure & Establishing Boundaries: Practical tools to develop self-care, self-love and boundaries. Working with our shadows foundations and a weekly journalling task to awaken intuition. A daily movement task. (this is the third and fourth months of the course)
MODULE 03 CREATE: Creative Fire & Structures: Practical tools to win. Structures. Deeper shadow work & individuation. A daily movement task. (this is the fifth month of the course)
MODULE 04 HEART: Sacred Union: Practical tools to support you in your relationships with others and yourself. A tool to overcome conflicts. A daily movement task. (this is the sixth month of the course)
MODULE 05 SING: Expression & the power of words: Practical tools to overcome fear and cultivate excitement doing the scary shit you would love, looking at our language and unlearning words that don’t serve us and the effects of our words on others. It is a powerful practice for healing backwards. Connecting to our inner artist. A daily writing/speaking task. (this is the seventh month of the course)
MODULE 06 FLY: Intuition & Imagination: Practical tools to connect to intuition & psychic ability. A new practice to work in alignment with our subconscious. A daily movement task. (this is the eighth month of the course)
MODULE 07 SPACE: A life of Joy: Practical tools to manifest what you would LOVE. A review of all you have learnt. A daily movement practice. (this is the final month of the course)

About the Course

In a world that cares so much about money & success, but lacks the heart & soul to get there with compassion or love, I created Embodied Alchemy to nurture a community that live for true transformation. 

Join creative individuals who are alchemising the painful & difficult emotions of knowing there is more to life than a world of corruption & fitting in, to connect to their own unique creative expression using intuition. This community of awakened individuals truly care about living & expressing their souls truth & believe in creating to live a life of purpose & joy in line with their heart & their values, moving towards a world where the creative fire of each soul is cultivated & celebrated.
On this journey, I will show you the steps to alchemising & channeling your own shitty emotions into gold through your unique creative medium, to vision into what your gifts & talents are, & discover how to use them: learning where the imbalances are and implementing the structures to transform your whole life into an abundant creative flow longterm.
Learn how to live a life where you traverse the world doing what you love & lighting up others along the way. If you commit to the work of Embodied Alchemy, you will create lasting long term happiness in your work, lifestyle, & relationships
For the next week, I have a very exciting offer: I am gifting the course at the reduced rate of £150 (normally £555) with access for life.
We open with a group coaching call on the 21st June & the course can be done either over 7 months (self-led) or as a 9 week intensive with a weekly checkin call. There is also a prize (valued at £3333) for the person who posts most in our community group over the 7 months.
Deadline to benefit from all of the jewels in this discount & join our grand opening ceremony is the 21st June.
Don’t get stuck in a binary world of good & bad & right & wrong… 
Let go of blaming others for your circumstances; or wait for someone else to wave their magic wand & instead learn the tools to do it yourself: to choose your heart, choose your soul expression & weave a life where you master alchemising your own stuff into true creative genius.

Monique Fourie

The Goddxx Path 2021

“I am just loving Ella. My journey has been profound and I appreciate Ella for seeing my genius and holding space for me to see it too.”

Zysha Smiley

Embodied Alchemy 2022

“Embodied Alchemy was so good, thank you for letting me take that journey with the group!! There was so much information that I want to go back through and my plan is to focus on 1 chakra per month so I can go through each module with more depth and focus!”

Who is this course for?

I have taken everything from my past 22 years studying and teaching as a yoga teacher, trained dancer & coach in Alchemy (with teachers including William Whitecloud, Robert Fritz and more) to create Embodied Alchemy that will take you from confused to clarity.


As a person of multiple heritage, I am passionate about sharing this work in particular with as many global majority (also because for me it is very obvious that Alchemy is from ancient Kemet and was another thing held in secret to keep people down historically), women and non binary people as possible. This is also why I also offer subsidised places on my courses… so if you are worried you can afford it, then please, let’s have a conversation and find a way intuitively together! 

If you’re a professional with dreams of fulfilling your creative career or a creative just not quite able to realise success in the industry this course is for you.
If you already know how joyful realising and thriving from your creative talents feels but just don’t know how to make it happen, then this course is for you.
If you find yourself spending way too many hours writing funding bids and overly begging emails, experiencing rejection after rejection and then taking a job that takes you away from what makes your heart sing just to cover costs, then this course is for you.
If you are that one in your friendship or family who can’t afford it, or is constantly making excuses about why you can’t join this year’s wedding/family holiday/eats before going out for dinner so you can just drink water and not have to split the bill, then this course is for you.
If you feel you are putting your relationships under strain because you have to take that job /are irritable because you are not getting enough sleep/you don’t have time/money/are frustrated and feeling sick of your loved ones asking you to get a proper job, then this course is for you.
Now imagine how you’d feel if you could shift all of that and embody the goddxx/god/goddess like potential within all of us: empowering ourselves (and others) to live a life we cherish… then this course is for you!