Maya Gandaia

The Goddxx Path

A programme for VIP creatives to unlearn not belonging, not good enough & not worthy stories, come out of hiding & pursue a life of true expression & JOY!

Welcome HOME

This is HOME for creatives, artists, performers & well-being professionals of diverse backgrounds desiring to grow successfully professionally personally & as humans

This is a space to unlearn boxes, binaries, & beliefs that do not serve us in our highest 

This is an invitation to come back HOME to ourselves & live a high-vibe life of joy & purpose

We offer three strands of work: Movement (to release stress and get those emotions in Motion!), Meditation (to focus, come back to a state of HOMEostasis and prepare the mind ready for magic) and Manifestation (including coaching, training & magic) for  creatives to understand the beliefs holding them back and lean in fearlessly to their TRUE creative destiny!

Maya Gandaia

What does Maya Gandaia mean?

My name is Ella, but in 2017, I journeyed with Ayahuasca and was given the name Maya Gandaia (My-a Gan-dye-A)

*How many times have I journeyed?

Once, and not because I got sick or because the journey was unpleasant. It was quite the opposite and reigns as one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life!

I journeyed only once because I saw all my shit during the ceremony. Metaphorically, I died to it all; I had my ego death, and in conversation with the plant medicine, with Mother Aya, I was told, “This trip is strong enough to last a lifetime; you do not need to come back here again”

While communing with that extraordinary hallucinogenic and traversing the Real Path, I conversed with Mother Aya and was reborn as my true self. Here, Mother Aya gave me my Earth Name: “Maya Gandaia”

The inception of Maya Gandaia was birthed that day in 2017 and has since evolved into not only an aspect of myself but into a platform, a space, a HOME, a Goddxx supporting other Goddxxes in the Move from illusion (unlearning the boxes, binaries, and beliefs) to joy (remembering who we are and waking back up to it)

Maya means ‘Love’ in many languages and Illusion in Sanskrit.

Gandaia means ‘Joy’ in Portuguese.

And this is my life’s work!

Ella Mesma

"Fill up your creativity cup & create epic ripples in the world!"

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Maya Gandaia

Maya Gandaia is an offering of support so that you may move to, meditate through, and manifest love, which of course, transcends illusion and reveals JOY.

Maya Gandaia is a journey in dismantling past patterns preventing you from experiencing the home within yourself and, conversely, the way to remember who you are (a reflection of the Divine) here to embody joy and excitement.

Maya Gandaia creates brave spaces where you can live the truest and highest expression of yourself, resulting in a life of meaning, passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

The Maya Gandaia Path unburdens the spirit. I support you in releasing the guilt, shame, and pain you’ve accumulated over a lifetime so that your future is free from the dictates of your past, opening a world of pure potential.

Transcendence occurs, transformation occurs, and you come back HOME to yourself. What remains? A life you love—A life you want—A life you know is waiting for you to grab!

I invite you to grab it!

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