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For Creatives & Professionals To Lean In To A Life Of Joy & Purpose

Welcome HOME

This is HOME for creatives and wellbeing professional Women & Non Binary People of diverse backgrounds and experiences who want to grow as successful artists, in their professional lives, in their personal lives, and as humans

This is a space to unlearn boxes, binaries and beliefs to come back HOME to themselves, and live a high vibe life of joy and purpose

This is a space for superheroes already creating magic who are ready to lean in fearlessly to create their destiny!

Maya Gandaia

What does Maya Gandaia mean?

I define Maya Gandaia (pronounced My-a Gan-dye-A) as a platform, a space, a HOME, a Goddxx supporting other Goddxxes to Move from illusion (unlearning the boxes, binaries and beliefs) to joy (remembering who we are and waking back up to excitement and joy)

My name is Ella but I have also gone by Maya Gandaia since 2017, when I had my first (and only) journey with Ayahuasca*
*Why my only journey you ask?
Not because I was sick or because the journey was not pleasant… it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever done in my life! But because on that journey, I saw all my shit, I metaphorically died to it all, and in conversation with the plant medicine, with Mother Aya herself, was told, “This trip was strong enough to last a lifetime you do not need to come back here again”
On that very beautiful hallucinogenic and very real Path, I was in conversation with Mother Aya when I was reborn as my true self, and Mother Aya gave me my true Earth Name, “Maya Gandaia” and so this concept was born!

Maya means ‘love’ in many languages, but also Illusion in Sanskrit.

Gandaia means ‘Joy’ in Portuguese.

And this is my life’s work!

Ella Mesma

"Fill up your creativity cup & create epic ripples in the world!"

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The Goddxx Path

Maya Gandaia

Maya Gandaia is about supporting people to move to love, to move from illusion to joy
Maya Gandaia is about unlearning the patterns of life that prevent us from coming HOME to ourselves.
Maya Gandaia is about creating brave spaces, to live in the truest expression of ourselves.
Maya Gandaia is about remembering who we are and waking back up to excitement and joy
Stop living a life that doesn’t fulfill you! I can support you to release all the guilt, shame, and pain so you can make choices that transform your future and come back HOME to yourself so you can live the life you actually want!

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