Maya Gandaia

Illusion to JOY

What would you really love to do if you hadn’t grown up with bias?

What Do I Do?

I support Creative and Professional Women & Non Binary people struggling with structure, success & sadness to shift their old stories and move from a place of intuition, love & JOY!

Maya Gandaia

Why Work With Me?

My work is about taking responsibility for our own bias and belief but in a way that is gentle and supportive.

People like working with me because I am able to hold space with kindness & care, but also challenge them at an effective & supportive pace: I like to see change and I see where clients can change and who they really are.

I am passionate about creating brave spaces for growth; where people can try things out, get things wrong, learn why and try again: an environment where we can THRIVE, laugh & grow whilst taking responsibility for ourselves.

Ella Mesma

What Will You Gain Working With Me?

 Coaching with me can have the following impact:

  • Clarity on what you want & how to go for it.

  • Using intuition to create the life you would LOVE.

  • Clarity on your values & boundaries & the boldness to ask for what you want, & say no to what you don’t want.

  • Structures & systems for moving through sticky emotions & connecting to your JOY.

  • Pelvic Healing, releasing the past, & understanding imbalances (& how to create balance) in the body.

  • Becoming the change you want to see in the world.
  • Learning how to be in creative & intuitive flow.
  • Understanding how & where your beliefs, bias & blocks are getting in the way of your creativity.
  • Becoming unapologetically YOU to the full.
  • Loving your work, relationships, life & experiencing alignment, JOY & abundance as you fulfil your Soul Purpose.

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"The Goddxx Path probably will change your life! I am currently moving my life to South America!"

What does Maya Gandaia mean?

Maya means ‘Love’ in many languages and Illusion in Sanskrit.

Gandaia means ‘Joy’ in Portuguese.

& this has been my life’s work: unlearning so I can be me to the full: and now supporting others to do the same.

I help creative & professional women & non binary people move from bias and belief to love, intuition & JOY!


Go from exhausted, overworked, underpaid to becoming an abundant master of flow, creativity and life.