23onMe Class for Learn it Live: February 1st at 4pm UK Time

Ashtanga Class for Learn It Live: March 1st at 4pm UK Time 

Consciousness Conference 22-24th March

Pelvic Bowl Meditation for Learn It Live: April 01 at 4pm UK Time

APRIL: The Alchemist Path Opens 17th April

Trauma Informed Masterclass: 13th April, Yoga Kula, Leeds

Embodied Alchemy 2024: 10th April 2024 & September (9 Week course)

Creatiity Circle 2024: 12th April 2024

The Goddxx Path 2024: 22nd April 2024

June & October: SACRED Bowl Live Healing

September: Enneagram Online Course 

October: The Wheel Of Consent Course