“Caring for ourselves is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare” Audre Lorde

How are you doing?

Have you been celebrating Chinese New Year?

Or maybe like me more resting & wintering?

I normally write this on a Sunday, but yesterday something magic happened… I came HOME (as Goddxx and Embodied Alchemy members know, this is my ultimate state of being!)… (and I didn’t even leave HOME for that to happen!

It’s our second round of Embodied Alchemy, and we are currently on module one: HOME: all about achieving a state of wellness so we can truly be in innocence: the state where we connect to our intuition.

And it happened!

Yes, through yoga I experience regular homeostasis… but this was next level… I experienced a state of deep bliss and relaxation and JOY!

I have a feeling this is connected to my TRE journey (I am currently training to be certified and so doing an even more than usual regular practice), to my wintering, as well as the course, plus (for unexpected reasons) having to stay home this winter, but yesterday, I achieved such a deep state of HOMEostasis that all I could do was rest, sleep, sunbathe (the sun came out in Lisbon), and meditate… and it was divine!

And so I decided this email could wait!

Today is my Earth day, so I have another glorious day off (following my bliss and playing the I want game which I also teach in my Embodied Alchemy and The Language of Consent courses) planned, including a Hridi Basti (a heart opening massage treatment) with my beautiful Ayurvedic masseuse friend Alexandre Paulain. 

But, before I head for that adventure, I wanted to write to you to say hey, in case you missed me yesterday 😉 and to remind you how magic rest is (and I recognise what a privilege it is too and am on a mission to make it less of a privilege and more of an act of political warfare (as Audre Lorde says). 

And so, in honour of rest, wellbeing, creativity and intuition… Here are some birthday invitations! 

Journal To JOY giveaway:

1. I am giving away three of my new Journal To JOY edition: sign up HERE. The conditions to sign up are: 1: Put your name down on this form. 2: comment on the Journal To JOY post on my instagram @ellamesma (it will be out this week keep your eye out!) tagging a friend you think would enjoy the journal, saying why journalling creates a ripple effect.

The Goddxx Path Taster:
2. In March, I will be sharing some top tips for releasing beliefs, raising your vibration and achieving a state of HOMEostasis so you can create magic in 2023. I decided to gift this a free offering this weekend because this work is so incredibly powerful, creates so many beautiful ripples in the world and even in ourselves, and I want to find a way to reach more than my 9 Goddxxes & my Embodied Alchemy participants each year! Many incredible creatives and professionals (myself included) feel a lot of resistance (and even fear in my case: more on that soon!) to investing in themselves and these kinds of programmes, so I wanted to provide a taster of some of the magic so you can experience how awesome it is! Sign up HERE

2.1. The Goddxx Path Waitlist: Our 2023 programme opens on the 12th April and we have 9 spaces. If you would like to get on the waitlist sign up HERE. I will start interviewing for places next week.

PowerUp! Podcast
3. We launch Season 7 very soon! And are beginning with some freebie giveaways and a competition (to celebrate my & PowerUp! birthday!) to win a bliss cloud eco yoga mat. Find out how to enter HERE.

This weekend, as Audre Lorde said, I really experienced why “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare” and how epic the ripples of that can be, and so I have decided to work less and rest more so that I can be even more present for my clients and company moving forwards! I decided that going forwards, I will write on Friday (so I can offer juicy invitations to reflect on over the weekend) and also give myself more time OFF to connect with nature, also reflect on those invitations and raise my vibration to be even more in service to all!

So I would love to know… how are you resting? How has winter been for you?

I fly back to the UK next Sunday, so look forward to connecting with many of you in person,

Meanwhile, I am wishing you rest, self-indulgence and sending birthday love (It feels obvious to me that I should be the one gifting on my birthday as there is so much for me to be grateful for on this day!)

Sending you all my love, hugs, rest and magic at this different time and see you Friday with my next post!