Intuition is your greatest gift… do you listen?

Why do we talk ourselves out of choices that may lead to experiencing a life of joy, creative expression, and abundance?

Why do we ignore the electrical impulses of inspiration and stay the same?

Why, when a choice feels good, feels right, and appears as the KNOWING that “this is the way,” do we ultimately stuff it down and side with the comfort of the known and predictable past?

Why do we shut out our intuitive whisper?


We doubt ourselves.

Cultural conditioning, societal beliefs, beliefs about ourselves, and a preoccupation with what others think.

These things snuff intuition and get in the way of experiencing the genius creators we are. Instead, we settle for the dulling, deadening, stupefying false security of sameness because we’re scared. This is not our fault: We’ve been taught to be scared.

Allow me to offer a different way.

Maya Gandaia is an invitation to embark upon the work that brings us HOME to ourselves, the alchemy that supports the gold standard of living, the flow-state that attracts Joy, Bliss, Creativity, and Abundance.

When we connect to our truest expression, our goddxx self, we realise all our dreams in their highest manifestations—and this is the life we came here for.

"Release the guilt, shame, and pain so you can make choices that transform your future, and begin living the life you actually want"

Stop living a life that doesn’t fulfill you: You CAN have it all, you can live your dreams!

Ella Mesma (aka Maya Gandaia) has taken everything learned on their 21 year journey as a creative, yogi, choreographer, chakra apaixonado, plus most importantly, learnings from 8 years studying alchemy, pelvic healing, enneagram coaching, consent work & as an accredited Natural Success coach to create the core Maya Gandaia offerings which combine movement, meditation and manifestation. Whatever stage of life or budget you are at, you will find a HOME here to be yourself to the full and truly embrace your transformation and Goddxx potential.

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