“There can be no lotus flower without the mud.”

What is My Training?

As your coach & movement specialist, I can help you overcome the blocks to embodying your whole, happy, healthy, beautiful self.

My areas of understanding include Intuition, Enneagram, Creativity, Purpose, Tension, Stress reduction and Releasing Emotions through movement.

I am a:

  • Published Author of Journal To JOY a book which has helped hundreds of people transform their lives

  • Director of Ela Mesma Company (A Dance & Circus Theatre Company)
  • Certified TRE (Trauma release Exercise) Facilitator on a journey with Myofascial release & Rolfing

  • 550hr Certified Yoga Teacher (Karam Kriya, Embodied Dancer, Yoga Body)

  • Hold an MA in Dance (LCDS/Kent University),

  • Certified Wheel of Consent practitioner (Betty Martin)

  • Accredited Coach (Natural Success, ILM Level 3 & Mind Matrix)

  • Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner (Certified by Tami Kent of Wild Feminine)
  • Sekhem Level 1, Usui Reiki Master (Natural Healer)
  • Mental Health Awareness Training, LGBTQIA+ Awareness Training, Trauma Informed Training (Curious Arts, MHFA England, The Centre For Healing)

What are my Values?

What is my Journey?

"My birth name is Ella, but I go by Maya Gandaia (find out why in my weekly JOY Letters), and my pronouns are She or They. I have taken everything I learned on my 20+ year journey as a creative, yoga teacher, choreographer, chakra studier, enneagram geek, pelvic power seeker to create these programmes. Plus, learnings from 8 years studying alchemy with William Whitecloud, (who accredited me as a Natural Success coach in 2022). I am also a choreographer (check out my work at www.ellamesma.co.uk), and make work to unlearn & get back to our authentic selves, through story telling; in particular putting the stories I would love to have seen growing up on stage. I went on my own womb healing journey in 2014, and pelvic healing & consent work led to my own profound healing (I also offer these services) & kundalini awakening."
I am Ella (I also go by Maya), a Choreographer & a Coach. I love all things dance, aerial, intuition, embodiment & chakras… plus travelling this wondrous planet & connecting with nature and speaking languages (I speak Portuguese, Spanish, (ok) French & English!)
I am CEO of Maya Gandaia Ltd, Published Author of Journal To JOY & director of Ella Mesma Company. I have performed globally including for Russell Maliphant, The Olympics Opening Ceremony (UK), and The Chomondeleys before focusing on my career as a choreographer. 
I have choreographed commissions for Sadler’s Wells, Little Amal, The International Women’s Conference (NYC) and many many more.
I had a huge journey with imposter syndrome and not belonging belief as a performer which led me to study intuition & yoga & TRE & alchemy…
I have now transformed that belief into an International career creating 30K commissions to share my art & transformational techniques with the world… and some amazing coaching programmes to help others do the same. I love how dance & aerial remind us we are limitless & I love to remind my audiences, clients & performers of their true power and limitless goddxx-like potential 

Ella means complete, but for a long time I felt far from it! And so I went on a lifelong journey of healing (until I realised I was already whole!)

I now share those teachings to support my clients with a structure and system to work by, so when they feel depression or less comfortable emotions creeping in, they have a toolbox to help connect to JOY and create a happy life “

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