Goddxx Glow

This is an Elite Coaching Community For Graduates of The Goddxx Path to maintain that Goddxx Glow, truly embed all of the powerful work of the past 9 months, and thrive in a like minded high vibration community.

There is no end date to the Glow journey, and members have access to their exclusive online platform as long as they are on the journey. It runs as a 9 month rolling contract, and can be renewed each April.

This programme includes twice monthly coaching sessions, access to all Alchemist Path Wednesday sessions, along with access to year round programmes such as The SACRED Bowl, the Enneagram, Embodied Alchemy and early bird prices on all retreats, as well as a group led session & sessions by Ella & guests once every two months on the first Sunday of the month from 2-5:30 UK time), and once every (alternate) two months on the fourth Wednesday of the month (7-8pm UK time). There is also an opportunity to attend The Goddxx Path sessions in service to the current year of Goddxx (on a rotation). After 2 yrs on Goddxx Glow I will give you a certificate of completion.

This course will launch for the first time in April 2024. Check dates HERE