Slow JOY, A Casa Mama Yemi Ceremony and prizes to be won

Today I am going slow… Here it is only 13pm but still 🙂 

I arrived in Playa Del Carmen late last night after a beautiful sound healing with Ira Calixto (who we interviewed on PowerUp! Podcast listen HERE) at Casa Manantial in Tulum.

And this morning I took my Journalling to JOY super slow, listening to the journey that each chakra was on, and then flowing into my daily practice of The 5 Tibetan Rites as well as Graham & Yoga practices (mmm so divine!)

I am so grateful to be here at Ira’s beautiful space and shala: Casa Mama Yemi, and preparing for a beautiful ceremony this evening.

I might be offline a few days, but on the flip side I will be announcing competition winners of the Journal to JOY competition!

To enter: On THIS post write:
1. Why does journalling create a ripple effect
2. Tag someone else who likes to journal
3. Follow the linktree in my bio pick the competition link and fill in your name, email and tick that you fulfilled the insta criteria

Ps we are planning a retreat HERE for all my Goddxxes!!! ❤️ 👑

Maya Mentions

Today I want to celebrate Bikosmana a family of artists who I had the pleasure to witness in 2018 on a trip to South Africa to teach at the Joburg Afro Latin Festival (check that moment out HERE (danced by Moe Flex, Alchemy Salsa’s Davina Burch, Euphoria Dance Company’s Jose Diaz)