121 Coaching


121 Coaching is a great way to create change and create accountability. I have had a coach since 2017, and not looked back once.

My Intuitive style of coaching (consisting of twice monthly 121 sessions) will guide our session so you can create a life in line with what you love. 

There are also aspects of unlearning & healing which we will also journey into (all with your guidance and permission). 

My work is about taking responsibility for our own bias and belief but in a way that is gentle and supportive.

People like working with me because I am able to hold space with kindness & care, but also challenge them at an effective & supportive pace: I like to see change and I see where clients can change and who they really are.

I am passionate about creating brave spaces for growth; where people can try things out, get things wrong, learn why and try again: an environment where we can THRIVE, laugh & grow whilst taking responsibility for ourselves.

Below are some examples of client packages, but I can also work bespoke. I like to have a chat before agreeing to coach together, but all are welcome.