The Creativity Circle

Here are 2023 dates (sign up below to get your weekly invitations in April 2023!)

Back April 14th 2023

14hrs (UK Time)

Camera on Creative Intention Sessions:

14th April

30th June

29th September 

15th December 

Camera off Creativity Circle 

Every Friday from 14th April 2023 onwards until Friday 15th Dec 2023 (mics & cameras off) with sounds to inspire creativity.

In 2023 we will reopen the sessions on 14th April at 14hrs GMT with intention setting for your creative journey.

Every three months we will invite Camera on sessions with creative shares, reflections and the planting of new creative seeds.

All other Creative Circle sessions will be cameras off, not as a workshop or coaching space but a warm accountability circle of high vibrational intentional loving creativity for you to create! In this space you can write, sing, dance, paint (whatever creative project you are working on) as long as your sound and camera is off on creative days!

All participants will receive a weekly reminder to join.

All participants will receive an 11 minute Journal to JOY recording to prompt their creativity each week.

All participants will receive weekly sounds to inspire creativity.

Drop ins are welcome (there is no pressure to attend every week!) :-)T

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