What does your name mean? And an intuitive reading as a spark of JOY!

Today I have a story to share (a spark of JOY and a great way to procrastinate an hour of your time!), a gift, plus a Maya Mentions (My new section celebrating someone doing awesome things in the world!)

I love an urban dictionary description, and today i thought I would share mine, along with a story all about how I used to feel incomplete, broken, not enough and like an imposter everywhere I went. 

Nowadays, I still feel like an imposter often… but I know its a belief. I know my name (Ella) means “complete”… AND that it is also said to mean “goddess”! And I lean IN to my fear… because I know my imposter story is mostly just a story… and because I am stepping in to the true meaning of my name.

This is my current favourite Urban Dictionary description:

Ella is the most vibrant person you will ever meet. Ella is gorgeous inside and out. Ella can be your best friend, and stick by your side (unless you screw her over). Ella is the most hilarious person you will ever meet and just says whatever is on her mind. Ella does not give a f*%k about what people say about her, she does her own thing. You can often spot her in her own little world or dancing or singing in the middle of a store. Ella likes to keep her personal life secret, and she will do anything to get what she wants. If you know an Ella you should keep her, because she’s the most beautiful and comedic person you will meet.

😆 🧡 🥰 I love it! And if it’s not all true, I am growing more and more into not caring and following my heart truth.

What does your name mean Ella?

And do you have a favourite Urban Dictionary description of yourself? 

Today’s other spark of JOY (if you have not had one with me before), is to offer you a free intuitive reading as a gift/interview for The Goddxx Path 2023.

Intuitive readings are at the heart of the magic work I do, and the general format is to look at your soul truth (your hearts truest purpose), your egoic truth and the bridge to living inline with your heart. 

The first time I had an intuitive reading, I was a little apprehensive to hear about my illusion (my beliefs) and how they had been holding me back.

But then, when I had the reading, it was so refreshing to hear how my belief was getting in the way of my creating, to understand how this conditioning could be unlearned to create good ripples, and to realise how coming HOME to myself allowed for the activism and the full integration of my whole self.

This life is a precious one. Let’s make it magic & unlearn the stories & beliefs getting in front of us living in our heart & intuition (and spreading some joy and gorgeous ripples along the way). 🌈

So would you like to book in a session? 👑

If so HERE is the link! ❤️

The Magdalena Womens’ Group

One of my 2021 Goddxx members, Reb is launching a closed membership group which offers affordable access to a range of highly 
experienced, skilled and passionate female practitioners and therapists. 
The group brings women together to provide inspiration to one another, bring connection, collaboration, joy and laughter back into our lives. 
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