PathFor JOY Courses

PathFor JOY are short online courses to heal, balance & connect to your intuition & creativity

The 7 Chakras

Learn about & how to balance your 7 chakras in this 7 day course. Chakras are powerful energy centres, invisible to the eye, that are connected to the endocrine system. In a healthy body, these energy centres revolve at a great speed allowing our vital life energy or prana to flow upward through the endocrine system. Each chakra is represented by a different colour, connected archetype and element at different points in the body.

The Alchemist Path

This study course, the Alchemist Path is an opportunity to dive deeper into the 7 principles of Alchemy: the seven hermetic principles of The Kybalion. In each module you will find a brief explanation of the principle, and then will have the opportunity to jump on a call (which will also be recorded) to dive deeper. I have also included three extra bonus modules: one on The Wheel of Consent, one on the Enneagram, and one on The Heroine's Journey, which will give insights into how these two principles can complement the work of these principles.

Making Choices

This is a course supporting you to make powerful Choices the Natural Success way. You can either buy the course alone, or include two 121 coaching sessions to support you in making powerful choices. Making Choices is a powerful way to support you to connect to your JOY, Expression And SOUL Purpose.


A set of 7 movement classes inspired by the chakras taking influence from Graham, Cuban Contemporary, Afro Brazilian and Haitian dance taught by Ella Mesma whilst in NYC!

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A course to bring balance to your pelvic space. Can be chosen with a 121 in person (or online) session or one group online session (cameras off) The Pelvic bowl is our powerhouse: the centre of our creativity, and also where we feel everything. This course teaches practices to bring balance and healing to this sacred space, to support you with energetic and physical boundaries and with creative inspiration to learn to live from this epic intuitive and creative centre.

Kundalini Yoga

A set of 7 kundalini classes to balance the chakras taught by Ella Mesma whilst in Mexico!

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