What are you creating and do you still play?

Greetings and Grand rising !

How are you today? 

We have been feeling playful! Here’s an example 🙂 

We completed our Abs Challenge! And will be doing the big reveal (did Ella get Abs?) next week on instagram!!! Hint… it definitely hasn’t been easy in an older (& wiser!) body but we have learnt a lot about HOW to make it possible (anything is possible right?!) Plus sign up to get on the waiting list for next years challenge for FREE here 

Plus as you know, we finished our tour last month on the 14th August back where we began for Hannabiel Sander’s Harambee Pasadia at TCR Hub (TCR Hub loved us so much they brought us back for their Wellbeing Festival!) (Plus Harambee Pasadia was absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to go back next year!) BUT the good news is we have one more show for 2022 at Northern School of Contemporary Dance on the 26th November (more information here) and, ticket sales permitting, we have our first online sharing of the show (The Rainbow Butterfly) in our online platform Utwopia (more information here). 

Meanwhile, we have written and are currently busy illustrating a book version of the show! We have also had the pleasure of working with some wonderful young people this year on our very own maypole story tree and can’t wait to complete that in 2023!We are super excited to share the platform where our showcase happens with all of you so you can join from wherever you are in the world in November. 

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped make this show possible and who continues to support and believe in us! Big thanks especially to Beverley Thomas, who we have just loved working with this year and who will soon be joining Ama and I on PowerUp! Podcast to talk about some of the magic she has uncovered on her PHD. 

Also thank you to everyone we have worked with this year including PDSW, Yorkshire Dance, Kala Sangam, Pervasive Media Studio, Rural Arts, Bristol Old Vic, TCR Hub, Harambee Pasadia and many many more super heroes. Thank you to all the artists involved in this project and who we met on tour too (the family grows!) 

Would you like to get involved with a class or a retreat or a show and be part of the family? Here is our Whats On Page… there is lots of magic happening including a Kundalini class on Monday, a very special yoga event in November. 

And have you listened to the amazing Ama Rouge and my podcast PowerUp! or (PUP!)? We just closed out season 5 and are currently recording season 6 with some incredible guests including Dianne Bondy, Tei Simpson, Nadia Galani, Tazlima K and more! But until then, why not catch our Summer of Play series? We interviewed some amazing humans including Adele Cleaver author of “Children Don’t Dissolve in the Rain” on all things play plus the amazing Valerie Ebuwa (whom Ama just did a wonderful interview with at the Siobhan Davies Studios) episode What is your ValUE with Valerie Ebuwa was epic!

 Finally, my course Embodied Alchemy launches on the 22nd September. It is aimed at Professionals who would love to be more creative (or creatives who would love to be more professional), and combines alchemical techniques to master your emotions and learn how to channel them from psychological stress, arguments and procrastination into alchemy. It also offer movement tools to release that stuff so you can go from exhausted, overworked, underpaid to becoming an abundant master of flow, creativity and life. Plus manifestation tools to turn ALL of that confusion into creativity & abundance! Sign up for this 7 week online with live group calls course before the start date on the 22nd September and pay £333 (reduced from £1111) or try this healing FREE movement invitation & just maybe you will get an even bigger discount for the course! 🙂

That’s all from me this week! Tchau for now, but as always, I love to hear back from you: what are you creating/do you still play?/what do you want to hear more about? 🙂

Have a great Sunday and hope you had a magic Full Moon!