Journal To Joy

You are here for a reason: to share your unique gift, your passion, and your heart with others.

Developed by Maya Gandaia on their own journey to healing, this journal offers daily practical tools to be you to the full (BE-AU-TI-FUL) and reconnect with your intuition and the gifts you were brought to this Earth to share.

A Goddxx is a person who leans in fearlessly to living their true nature and a life of joy and purpose, and this daily practice will help you raise yourself out of procrastination, sadness and scattered talent into abundance, creativity and flow

Our goddxx-like self is our highest self, our genius, or superconscious, and by leaning into that version of ourselves, we choose the higher (our goddxx-like potential) over all the other stuff (our beliefs, our failures, and our fears).

This journal is designed to facilitate you in getting in touch with your purpose and moving everything else out of the way of that path.

With this daily practice, you can empower yourself to be you to the full (Bea-u-ti-full!): Sing your song shamelessly, loudly, and proudly. To shine your magic upon the world!

You! Yes, YOU! You can also turn the difficult, the painful… the ‘shit’ (our beliefs, our illusions, our pain) into gold.

On this Journey, you will follow a sequence of daily tasks to access your intuition; the beautiful place of vulnerability where all the magic happens, and come back HOME to who you are.

Maya Gandaia will help you unearth what is blocking your success (your illusion) and connect to what you would love (your joy) in a healing, and empowering way.