Chakra Quiz

Our 9 month programme that is The Goddxx Path, is an intuitive journey that we go on alongside a journey of the 7 chakras.

We spend the first two months on the root chakra, where we focus on reclaiming root chakra related fear & illusion & creating strong roots and foundation for the rest of the journey. Next we move up in to the sacral chakra, spending the next two months releasing all the stuff trapped in the pelvic portal as well as looking at pleasure, at boundaries & consent, and releasing feelings, emotions & shame.

Then, we move up to the navel chakra for the next month, the heart the next, and so on, finishing up at the crown.

I am fascinated in the Queen’s chakra inspired style of dress…

On my Kundalini teacher training, they told us that dressing all in one colour balances the chakra of that colour and boosts the size of our aura!

They actually said… the Queen knew all about chakras… and check out her outfits! I think there is truth in that!

What are your thoughts?

Not really sure what a chakra is or why we want them to be in balance? (Learn more here)

And which of your chakras is in or out of balance?

Not sure? Try our fun chakra quiz below!’