Chakra Quiz

The Maya Gandaia 9-month programmes Embodied Alchemy & The Goddxx Path, modules are inspired by the 7 chakras to create balance in each one.

Chakras are powerful energy centres, invisible to the eye, that are connected to the endocrine system.

In a healthy body, these energy centres revolve at a great speed allowing our vital life energy or prana to flow upward through the endocrine system. Each chakra is represented by a different colour, connected archetype and element at different points in the body.

Test which of your chakras is out of balance using the quiz below

In Kundalini, un-manifested energy is conceptualised as a coiled-up serpent at the base of the spine, (at the root chakra), which we awaken to flow through the body known as ‘axé’ in Yoruba or ‘Ka’ in Eygpt all the way up to the crown.

This has been referred to as sex magic, sexual transmutation or Kundalini rising.

In Kundalini, we may describe it as our view of the world changing as we balance our chakras and awaken to our true essence.

Some experience this as a big awakening moment, others as a more subtle unfolding.

The origin of the rainbow chakras and the Kundalini serpent derive from the Yoruba orisha system of ancient West Africa, deified in the divinity Oshumare. 

This was in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was the Uraeas, which then transferred to the Andamanese (the oldest inhabitants of India) from where the physical exercises that constitute yoga as we know it and the Hindu concept of chakras evolved. 

In the tantric tradition, it is believed that the energy that was brought forth at creation, is Kundalini, and it is represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine of each human… is this then our own GODDXX-like potential?

Through the use of movement and meditation, Kundalini energy can be awakened to flow through the body and allow us to connect with our pure creative spirit.