Three big pieces of news… which one do you think is the biggest?

I hope this love letter finds you well ❤️
I have so much to tell you… where to begin?
Perhaps with my news that whilst I dearly love writing these, and I evidently have a lot to say, it is obvious to me that they should become a monthly not a weekly ritual.
Alongside my monthly Maya musing (beginning with one on the last week of the month of April), I will also send out an Ella Mesma Company email on the second week of the month.
Meanwhile, I will post more regularly on instagram, and on myJourney to JOY facebook group (Where today I am sharing a free downloadable HOME page to raise your vibration for abundant creativity and magic)…
So my next very big news (even I was taken by complete surprise) is… I got engaged! Find out more here!
Since then, my identity has been creeping out to say all sorts (find out more here).

Luckily, I have the Alchemical work, and so rather than see this as a shadow to deny… I dived in to what it was all about! And my Maya musing (as I went in and listened to what all this fear and 💩 was really all about) was; “Right here, right now, what is most in your heart is this truth right here: it is who you are right now. It is what you have called in in your greatness and soul truth… and yes: happiness is your birthright” (Try a sneak preview on how to do this yourself using bridge work with the free downloadable HOME page I mentioned earlier). I found out even more about the stories I had been telling myself at an amazing Integrated Awareness session this week, plus in the magic of a glorious 5 day retreat with Mooji (I will post about both this week for sure because WOW: even more around the power of Embodied Alchemy & learnings on what innocence is really all about!)

Finally, I think the most important news you need to want is that The Goddxx Path (My 9 year coaching programme for women and non binary people who would love to transform the way they are doing life to live in line with their Goddxx-like potential), Goddxx Glow (A similar programme to further Goddxx Path Graduates) launch on the 22nd April (exciting times)! If you didn’t already book in for interview (there are 5 spots left for 2024) then you can do so HERE