Intuition is a memory from the future…

My JOY musing today may sound a bit far out… but it has been resonating on my intuitive journeys of late! I propose that intuitions are memories of a possible future: a possible PathFor JOY… What if there are multiple futures depending on if (and what) we take action on (them) in the present? And […]

Binary thinking and why I think it is harmful…

Thank you for the birthday love beauties! I had a lovely time: an Ayurvedic massage, the final part of a Vedic astrology reading, a visit from my love and cooking and food adventures with friends 🙂 Meanwhile… the musings of the week were more on binary thinking (in fact all sorts of binaries)…   As […]

Why completing things changes us… and what happens when we don’t…

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’ Nelson Mandela A teacher of mine recently said ‘completing things changes us’. I have been musing on this since and it resonates strong… I haven’t always been a completer… before alchemy, I struggled to finish things. As tension set in, I would become overwhelmed, start doubting myself, get […]

No matter if it’s 1, 2 or 5 star be the star that you are!

If I didn’t say it already, I am wishing you a wonderful 2024 and hope you had a restful close to 2023? This week I have been teaching as part of Enrichment week at The Place in London which has felt very heart full… But I have still been feeling a little discombobulated due to […]

Musings on Mauritius, Mary Poppins and Creativity, plus a NY gift…

I am back in the UK! On the plane back from Mauritius I watched Saving Mr Banks: a biographical film about Walt Disney collaborating with the author of the books Mary Poppins… have you seen it? The film moved me, because it made me think of my Auntie Sandra who passed away this time last year […]

What tropical island am I on and why… plus some important endings

So this week as promised I am sharing why I am here on a beautiful island… I am in Mauritius! And it is truly stunning: my first time here (and I wish you were here too!) Because this year, this (in my old illusion) eternally single being (ME!) created a beautiful new(ish) relationship! One that […]

Reflecting on this year from a tropical island and what I took from Wish

In these different times, I am finding that now more than ever, praying, tithing and creativity are important… I went to see Wish this weekend on the recommendation (and for work research!) of my work partner Akeim Toussaint… and the most powerful message I took away was that it is our dreams that make us […]

No more “Push Through”

When I was living in London (2007-2015/16), I pushed through a lot… on a regular… I pushed through the desire to stay home to go to salsa nights, or nights out with friends… and then often I would push through the moment when I was ready to go home because it felt like I was […]