1/3 off the 1/3 off plus finally facing the scariest truths!

Grand Rising , How are you gorgeous human? I am back home enjoying some much needed down time!  This week has included teaching on the Yoga Kula Teacher Training Course, leading a beautiful HEART workshop at Yoga Kula, the penultimate Embodied Alchemy session & finally seeing Woman King! Last night, I awoke with some intuitive […]

How do you manage your thoughts?…

Grand Rising Goddxx! How do you manage your thoughts?  With Meditation?  With Journaling?  With Movement?  I do all three but I have noticed that meditation and movement fall off in times of stress!  Do your routines fall off as “to-do list stress” takes priority? In these different times, the planet is experiencing fear, overwhelm and […]

Are YOU a Goddxx dear?

Are YOU a Goddxx dear ?  We are ALL divine on the inside!  So what kind of Goddxx are you?  How do you talk, walk, breath Goddxx? In my world, Goddxx means to be connected to pursuing my JOY, and choosing to be, or become, the highest and best version and expression of myself  Some […]

Can we can stop attracting something we don’t want by…

Grand rising! This is the Sunday musing that is bringing me JOY this week:We can stop attracting something we don’t want by giving attention to something we do want! What you think ? We cannot rid the world of things that bother us…  But we can change our vibration. And we can stop attracting what […]

Do you need a refresher on who I am and why I’m writing?

Hey beautiful heart! How are you today ? Do you need a refresher on who I am and why I’m writing? Well, I am Ella and I also go by Maya Today I am writing from Bournemouth where I am developing a new duet with Akeim Toussaint inspired by divine union, Wing Chun and Salsa! […]

Be More Tree

How to reduce stress by looking to nature: and what I did when they hit me!

Adventures in the USA because I am AMAZING plus Oh My Goddxx we launched!

Greetings and Grand rising ! How are you today goddxx? And as I often say to my goddxx children… do you know how amazing you are? Thanks so much for those who filled in my wee questionnaire that was so helpful to understand and listen to your requests… so today… here is just a story […]