I can’t believe I said that…

I am celebrating because I finished my Rainbow Butterfly Tour!(watch a sneak peak here), and we will be showing the full work next month (3rd September) sign up for your ticket here… plus next month there will be the big Abs Challenge reveal… and how to get involved FREE on the next Abs Challenge! 🙂 Our […]

The year of Divine Feminine energy, completions and a gift

Did you know that in the Haab Mayan calendar, the 26th July is the a year because it follows the cycle of the earth in relation to the Sun? July 26th each year marks the start of a new cycle and a new ‘essence’ for the year ahead, signalled by the sign or glyph of […]

I hope frogs don’t make you squeamish? (And why they’re actually lucky)

I am celebrating because last night I leant in to my fear and did my first stand up comedy gig all about fast fashion! Plus Bigging Up Myself (as part of one of my favourite Maya Gandaia manifestation practises), because I am loving my daily abs work outs (and seeing the results) Plus today is a joyful day […]

Happy Summer solstice!

How did you spend the solstice? I was in a beautiful park in Leeds, then headed to perform at a most wonderful Afro fusion festival called Harambee Pasadia where I am writing to you from now, Can you believe that solstice means we’ve made it halfway through 2022 already though?  How did that happen? 2022 has been […]

Accredited Natural Success Coach

“To know who you are at heart, to know what you’d like to at heart, to know how you’d love to create it … that is Genius.” William Whitecloud It was a JOY to receive my accreditation for this epic 8 year journey in alchemy from the one and only William Whitecloud this week! In […]

Exploring gender fluidity through dance & the divinity…

This is a beautiful podcast that I recorded for Natalie Orr, an incredible human and friend. I met Natalie many years ago in one of my nine lives, when I was directing and running a company in Leeds, which I created in 2005, called Element Dance (now owned and directed by Hannah Bertram and called […]

Happy New Year! (Yes really!)

Did you know we began a new year on Thursday 19th May 2022? In the Tzolkin calendar (also known as the Galactic Mayan cycle), a new 260-day cycle (instead of 365 day cycle) began on May 19, 2022! The Mayan calendar is my favourite way to follow the stars and my intuition, and is laid […]

You might disagree with me but…

 What synchronicities have you been experiencing?   Last Sunday, I bought Ibeyi’s new album Spell 31, and experienced a beautiful synchronicity one of the first times I played the album whilst guiding a moving meditation for a show in Manchester! I themed the exercise around moving as if gold paint was dripping from the inside of […]