Post marriage glow and Embodied Alchemy 2024 launches on Friday!

I am back from a mini-moon and a wonderful and magic week post-wedding ceremony this weekend. It is my JOY to invite you to join the opening ceremony of Embodied Alchemy this Friday.   In a world that cares so much about money and success, but lacks the heart and soul to get there with […]

Go Team Maja and what is your intention?

Today I am writing to you on my way to two shows of The Rainbow Butterfly in Huddersfield. It’s been an intense but wonderful two weeks, full of tests and lessons in holding end-results and learning to be ok with the tension and stay present. Today is the handover to the new amazing team Maja […]

Three big pieces of news… which one do you think is the biggest?

I hope this love letter finds you well ❤️ I have so much to tell you… where to begin? Perhaps with my news that whilst I dearly love writing these, and I evidently have a lot to say, it is obvious to me that they should become a monthly not a weekly ritual. Alongside my […]

What I learnt about the “Good Girl” story this week

This week, I am reflecting on the Consciousness Conference… On day three, I was coached by Arush Bakshi through my “Good girl” story and experiences of what being “bad” meant as a child.   The experience showed me a lot of new insights into the masks I wore growing up… and the power of how […]

How are our beliefs showing up in our bodies, Munich & The Rainbow Butterfly

Sending love from Munich! I am here doing my Rolfing level 1. I have been fascinated by Rolfing ever since working for Russell Maliphant (who is a Rolfer) in 2012, when I also did 10 sessions with Giovanni Fellucioni. Since leaving London, I have taken occasional sessions when I can passing through London with the […]

GDPR Terms and conditions

GDPR Terms & Conditions   I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age or older and I maintain standards of physical and mental fitness.    I have read and accepted any EULA, Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and/or Data Processing Addendum which has been provided to me in connection with the […]

Each time we return to that place of unity we hear ourselves

Recently, a beautiful human called Aisha said, “We are always either in creation, maintenance or destruction…  it’s a cycle. And when we listen, we can come back to the state of possibility… and return to being in creation”. Where might you be on that path at the moment?   I find that creation for me […]

We are limitless when we stop making it about ourselves…

Last week, I flew to the USA to take my level 1 teacher training in aerial silks. Aerial silks have been my hobby for many years, but since beginning this Alchemical journey in 2016, they began showing up in my intuition & I have now choreographed two aerial silks-dance pieces: one (Papyllon), I had the […]