We are limitless when we stop making it about ourselves…

Last week, I flew to the USA to take my level 1 teacher training in aerial silks. Aerial silks have been my hobby for many years, but since beginning this Alchemical journey in 2016, they began showing up in my intuition & I have now choreographed two aerial silks-dance pieces: one (Papyllon), I had the privilege to perform in South Africa, and the second (The Rainbow Butterfly) is successfully touring the UK now (we have toured over 16 venues currently!).


But the thing is, I always felt like an imposter aerialist (can you guess my two enneagram numbers?) because I believed that I didn’t study it ‘properly’ (I ended up being in an aerial show in Brazil by pure coincidence in 2005, then did an apprenticeship for three months in 2011 before I was invited to join a dance company for a world tour which meant I had to leave my apprenticeship), and that meant I wasn’t good enough and didn’t belong. This was a constant expectation to be ‘found out’ and banished from pursuing aerial.


As I did my completion yesterday (having completed the daily 8-hour training for the past week), I realised that the biggest thing I learnt was not to make it all about my not belonging and not being good enough belief and that people love me despite my skill level just for being the human that I am (and that I am so OVER letting this story be played out!)


Today I received the email from my assessment: “The Goodbye Activity was EVERYTHING! You have a magical energy! Great job holding & being in charge of the energy in your class! You are a force of nature and a natural coach – You’ve got a knack for it.”

Isn’t it funny how my perception would not let me see that?! It would get in the way of my helping others shine because I was too busy “not being good enough” to teach.

And how magical can our End Results be when we stop making it about us and hold our vision?


Now I am in NYC holding my ER to be an amazing choreographer out here… so far I have created the cutest little apartment in East Village and seen a beautiful sunrise & sunset… and I am excited for the adventure to unfold… I do have to come back to the UK (for more magic), but I am willing to play the long, slow, letting go of the need-to-know-how game with this vision…


So this is your reminder that you are limitless! Don’t make it about your story, make it about your vision and what you would love!

And HERE is a completion for you to also note down what you have learnt on your recent creations.

Plus below is the sunset: isn’t it beautiful?