Binary thinking and why I think it is harmful…

Thank you for the birthday love beauties! I had a lovely time: an Ayurvedic massage, the final part of a Vedic astrology reading, a visit from my love and cooking and food adventures with friends 🙂

Meanwhile… the musings of the week were more on binary thinking (in fact all sorts of binaries)…


As you may know, I feel that our Goddxx-like potential (our genius) lies outside of gender, in no sense (in innocence): it is a place that defies all earthly definitions: the place of our true potential and our soul purpose…
But this week I have been thinking about binary thinking (see what I did there?) 😉 Binary thinking is the tendency to position situations, people or things as right or wrong, good or bad, with us or against us: like the Principle of Polarity: definitions based on opposites (which I also teach on my courses The Alchemist Path/The Goddxx Path). Defining is our tendency as humans… but is it helpful or harmful?


What I am leaning towards (and wondering if this conclusion is of itself binary?) is that it is more harmful than helpful (despite feeling simple, righteous and safe) because it is reinforced by systemic oppression and links us to our fear response (kind of like fight or flight)…


Binary thinking is so automatic for us: it is the fastest way to assess threats and respond quickly for survival. When I spot this playing out in my intimate relationships, I notice that it is linked to perfectionism because binary thinking makes it difficult to learn from mistakes or accommodate conflict. I also wonder if binary thinking is a strategy for politicians (etc) to create more separation & oppression.
Last week, in Leeds, I had a final EDMR session (which I had been getting to do intuitively this year). I knew I wanted to focus on alchemising the charge of various sexual experiences from childhood to now, and WOW! It was a powerful experience especially as I was able to bring in intuitive tools to butterfly my way across a plethora of experiences and see what beliefs I had formed based on those experiences, and close up the session feeling like I could release more aspects of binary thinking based on past. It was empowering to honour that some of those experiences were horrible, but do not define how the world is or how I will experience it in the future).


So based on those journeys, here are a few reflections that I have been journalling with based on my journeying this week (feel free to write back with your answers if you would like to)


  1. Are binaries harmful, helpful or somewhere in between?
  2. What is your go-to in stress (do you fight, flight, fawn or freeze?)
  3. Do you have tools to catch your binary thinking?
  4. What is your favourite way for relaxing, switching off and coming back HOME to yourself in stress?

(My answers are:

1: The question is so long and complexly winding, but generally, whenever it’s a trauma response I can dive deeper to find out what is really going on. When it’s a deep-rooted coping strategy, binary thinking may well be unavoidable. But can we compassionately catch ourselves and each other from the compulsion of all-or-nothing mindsets?

2: Freeze.

3: Slowing down and coming back HOME to myself (homeostasis) (for example pausing before responding to comments or emails that carry a charge, and then sitting with /breathing into the emotions instead of jumping to a conclusion.

4: Sitting on the ground (outside in nature) has such a profound relaxing effect on my body that I have a grounding sheet which I put on my bed wherever I travel to! (Try one out HERE)


My musings this week link to something I learnt from the wonderful Sarah Garrett Lotus whilst participating in The Mixed Bloom Room: “The both and”


I am finding it useful instead of binary definitions to look for the “both-and”, as well as getting very clear on what I know is true… like a ceasefire is necessary immediately, please!!!


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