No matter if it’s 1, 2 or 5 star be the star that you are!

If I didn’t say it already, I am wishing you a wonderful 2024 and hope you had a restful close to 2023?
This week I have been teaching as part of Enrichment week at The Place in London which has felt very heart full…

But I have still been feeling a little discombobulated due to some jetlag, some very sad losses, this epic British weather, and that strange pressure to be in the “New Year, New You” energy when actually it’s freezing and my body wants to curl up like a hedgehog and hibernate until April (which apparently in the 13 year calendar is the true start of the year and also synchronously is the launch time of my Goddxx Path & my other programmes!)

So today I thought I would bring some sunshine by offering some star musings from Mauritius (and because it feels good to stay with those memories as long as I can!).

I am very grateful I got to go in the first place, and super grateful that I got to experience many different versions of Mauritius life (& me) on the island… my partner is Mauritian so I was welcomed into many family homes, and began to pick up bits of Creole, and generally get into the flow of island life and morning swims and doing my journalling on the beach (bliss!)
One day, we visited Ile aux Aigrettes a tiny island doing their best to conserve endangered plant and animal life where I learnt the Dodo is a global symbol of conservation as when it became extinct humans finally woke up to our potential to affect the environment and cause extinction, which led me to reflect on thing’s happening politically right now and whether the governments allowing genocide to happen will finally wake up…

Whilst I didn’t disconnect completely from what has been happening in Gaza, I did disconnect from online spaces and from Christmas… it was nice to get away from the pressures I have felt in the past at this time of year to do small talk, buy gifts, people please & instead be in my heart & this unfolding love… and to reflect on liberation away from consumerism (& instagram) in this time (where global oppressors are ignoring the will of the people). I also felt the awakening of the global consciousness that is saying no to genocide & oppression and I felt (and continue to feel) hopeful. 💔

We stayed in different places over the three weeks from family homes to two-star and a beautiful five-star hotel and I mused over my different behaviours based on beliefs of whether or not I thought I belonged in each location: how that affected how I thought & felt & perceived others… and perhaps how they perceived me too. And I realised that it really doesn’t matter… I belong everywhere when I carry HOME in me & follow what I would love.

I found myself thinking of The Principle of Polarity: of definitions based on opposites versus being in awe and wonder… we can’t always guarantee others’ perceptions of us: sometimes they will see what they want to see… define us as good and bad and right and wrong… and likewise we may do the same to ourselves and others… when how do we really know and define? And why are we deciding that?

What we can have though (as I learnt in Mauritius), is integrity. We can show up with our heart full and as our whole selves, and we can choose to be a star no matter how many stars a building is given or others give us!

When I realised that, I was most abundant in each space (from 2-5 stars) because I had my whole HEART and needed nothing to fix me (and nothing could affect me either)… does it resonate?

Synchronously, this week, my coach and I did a JOY, Illusion, Bridge (as explained in my book Journal to JOY) on one of my choices about working with an amazing team, and the bridge was about keeping it professional: not being distracted by my identity. In my illusion (my identity) I had been resolving the tension by people pleasing and then getting distracted with inessential actions to make my team happy, instead of focusing on the vision that I would love with the support of an amazing team… he said to me, “Ella, focus your energy on being the creator: let yourself be the star that you are…stop avoiding that and feeding the energy of not being good enough”… POW! Those words ring so true! 🌟

So I leave you with this  !

This year, can you be the star that you really are no matter what anyone else (or you!) tells you: from 1-5 stars, can you let your heart shine bright and express your authentic truth my love? 🌟
And… because it all starts with music & dance, I would love to leave you with a wee Sega playlist (one of the main styles of music in Mauritius) HERE! Plus HERE you can catch the amazing Rylana Hosany showing me how to play My new instrument: a ravanne. It’s beautiful!

Maya Mentions

Here are my invitations for this month:

The Goddxx Path is open for interviews. The Goddxx Path is a 9-Month Coaching Programme to Master your Intuition, and step up to your highest creative potential. Last year’s spaces sold out, so if you would like to interview early and guarantee your spot (there are 9 available), you can sign up for an interview HERE. You can learn more about the Goddxx Path HERE.
I will be teaching this weekend in Leeds at the City Centre branch of Yoga Kula. I will share a Kundalini inspired Sacral Chakra Journey. In this beautiful adventure we will cover a meditation to Balance the Moon Centres and The Woman’s set: a powerful Kriya to keep your spine, organs and nervous system strong and healthy and connect to your inner-tuition, beauty and goddess energy.

This Pop Up is open to all levels and will happen on Sunday 14th at 2:30-3:45. Sign up HERE

And to all the Goddxx Path Graduates (you know who you are!) I am so excited to hold our first group gathering (with all 4 years of Goddxx!) on the 22nd January to create a vision mandala using our choices!