“The more that I feel safe, the more that I’m able to be creative, and the more I’m able to…

It’s been a while, and over here I have been busy launching The Goddxx Path with 7 wonder humans, and creating a gorgeous new show on first year students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. 
How about you? 

If you haven’t already listened, I’d love to invite you to check out our latest PowerUp! series all about the Nervous System! In episode 42, Ama Rouge and I share candidly about some of our life experiences which have led us to choosing to (and having the privilege to) build more flexible nervous systems in our lives. How do you tell yourself you are safe and how are you building a more flexible nervous system? PowerUp! is on all the channels (applespotifyyoutubegoogle, stitcher and podbean)  

Things I have been learning… along with this the current Mayan White Wind Wavespell of is the power of being honest with ourselves and others, of asking for what we want, and expressing and asking for our values to be respected! And the biggest lesson? Actually apologising when we have interacted in a way that overstepped someone else’s values. Often it feels too scary to expose ourselves, too vulnerable to say what we really feel, or too humiliating to say sorry. But, as I am realising, if we do get a rejection then we have been saved a lot more trouble than not knowing and not speaking our truth. And by speaking, we clear the way for something truly aligned to come our way!
Plus saying sorry… well a GENUINE sorry can fix nearly anything!

And, as the wonderful Ira Calixto said on our previous series on The Power Of Circles (also including Thomas Presto), when we lean into our fear, our intuition comes!   

Today I am listening to Jhené Aiko’s Tiny Desk Concert 

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