The Goddxx Writing Challenge

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In 2020, I released the first Edition of Journal to Joy, a journal to support people to access the beautiful place of vulnerability, where all the magic happens, so we can find our inner power and come home to ourselves and our heart.

Our Goddxx Writing Challenge is a space to do that journalling, or, to write your own book in a high vibe space!

On Fridays, between April-December, members of the Goddxx Path, and other creatives meet to journal or to write together.

The concept is very simple, and is free to those with a desire to write to take part.

Between 11-12, we write together alone online (we have our cameras and microphones off), for one hour, with a beautiful playlist!

We use the first 11 minutes to collectively raise the vibration using an invitation from Journal to JOY

Then we write.

The End.

And then again the next week… until… voila! You have written your book!

At the end of the year in December, we hold two closing circles (same time same place)… the first one is a shared reading of one section of our work. The second is a collective evaluation of the process.

Please note, until those two sessions, this is not a workshop space or a coaching space but a FREE, warm accountability circle of high vibrational intentional loving writing to create a tangible piece of writing (or multiple pieces, or artwork for your gallery… in fact whatever creation takes your fancy) over 9 months.


We do not check in.

We do not have our cameras on.

We do not get feedback from one another.

We DO have a space to hold one another accountable and write for the entire 9 months of The Goddxx Path!

We DO have the opportunity to show up for ourselves every week for 9 months and prove to YOU that you can do this!

We DO create a high vibe space for you to access your own magic and give yourself permission to access that magic every week at the same time for 9 months!

And we DO notice your attendance and there WILL be a prize for the person who attends the most sessions over the 9 months!

If you would like to attend just fill in the form to get a weekly email which offers you new sounds to inspire your creativity. And just show up. If you can’t make the session, why not still use the sounds for one hour of your own time to gift yourself an hour of creatvity?

This was how I wrote my Journal To Joy, and am writing my current book! It would be lush & brave to have you! 


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