I keep getting the downloads but then not quite paying enough attention until it’s too late!

Yesterday the Blue Eagle Wavespell began on the Mayan calendar: all about seeing the bigger picture and soaking up the wisdom in order to soar!

Here’s an example of where sometimes, I just miss that bigger picture: let me know if you relate? 

On Thursday I had to take a flight. I fly quite often, so I checked I had hold luggage, confirmed and got busy packing. Twice, as I packed my rucksack and hand luggage at home I thought, ‘I don’t think I really need two cases though?’ But I had done it now, and it would be handy coming back. 

Then in the cab to the airport, ‘Did I actually book speedy boarding?’ (this gives you the ‘privilege’ of being allowed two bags) 

At the check in desk, I mentioned it to a very lovely host and of course, realised that nope, I didn’t have it! (hence all those little intuitions!) 

But did I take action as soon as I got that first download? 

Or the second?

 Or the third?


 I mean at least by asking at check in I saved 20€ (as at the gate it would have cost me 50€!) and the host was very nice about it all…


 I had a chuckle at myself though and this reminder to pay attention to our intuition AT ALL TIMES, even when we are in ‘a rush’!

 How about you ? Are you paying attention? 

Today is the first of our 9 Goddxx Path weekend sessions: HOME all about creating a good foundation for this intuitive journey to JOY and I can’t wait to dive in with 7 incredibly creative super humans! 

Today also marks the end of Season four of PowerUp! So look out for it (and please like, comment & big us up if you enjoyed it!) and we will see you with more in the summer!

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Have a great weekend and Blue Eagle Wavespell all!