Reshaping the future by looking at privilege, entitlement and our own beliefs…

This week, inspired by our new PowerUp Podcast series on The Power Of Language, Mental Health Awareness and Creativity as a Tool for revolution, I have been thinking about privilege vs entitlement…  And Ooof! Wow! POW!  It’s another journey and deep deep dive… one of those ones that is beautiful and sticky and uncomfortable and […]

Do we all need some sparks of JOY in these different times?

Today am flying back today due to some sad news, and I wonder if we all need a pick me up in these different times? So I am writing with some invitations and celebrations to reflect JOY today… Here are a few from me… Firstly, it has taken me so much burning through fear, self-sabotage, […]

What is the price tag on being the best version of yourself?

My teacher William Whitecloud once said to me: “The creative orientation is a learning orientation: we choose it”  💎💰🚀💜 And that has kind of been the theme for me this month despite having had many tests and challenges and sadly losing a family member. As well as heartache, some powerful alchemy has emerged from holding […]

How to raise your mood when there is immense pressure to be JOYful?

I hope you had a beautiful closing to 2022, and also, if you did not, I am right there with you! I do Christmas every other year… because of THIS 😊 I love it when Christmas feels full of love and JOY, but I find that if I do it every year… I start to feel obligated […]

Want to age backward? (My FREE gift to you!)

Feliz Natal!  E ku odun keresimesi! Happy Holidays! Today is not Sunday, but I figured no one wants to read an email on Christmas day, so here is your weekly spark of JOY a day early… with a very special gift! I began to practice The Five Tibetan Rites, and I noticed it to be […]