Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful YOU are

Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful YOU are. William Weatherford (Red Eagle).

On my flight back, I was awoken from a pretty good sleep (considering it was midair ✈️ ) by my chair shaking.

I looked behind me for the source, & a woman behind me asked, ‘What do you want?’

As I replied that I had been woken up, she stood up & shouted, ‘You try closing the table then’

I looked sleepily at the closed table in front of me, & replied (maybe not the best answer!), ‘It is closed?’

The woman then got out of her seat & towered over mine to shout a monologue of words (I can’t remember most of what she said because

1: I was half in dreamland.

2: She put my nervous system fully into flight mode ✈️ )

… but her last words were ‘Don’t ever speak to me again’ which I remember confusedly saying, ‘But you woke me up?’ 😂 🙈

My heart was racing… other passengers also woken up by the interaction seemed to be throwing sympathetic looks my way.

My dreamy imagination created a fantastic image of crumpling this woman up like a piece of paper and throwing her out of the window 😂

Another response would have been to shout back, but instead, I found myself thinking ‘What would Mooji do?’ ‘What would Alva do?’ ‘What would my Goddxx self do?’ & the only answer I got was… ‘Absolutely nothing’.

It took a while to get back to sleep & stop going over smug replies, & longer not to respond to others later that day from a place of defence triggered by that interaction…

At the border later, I saw her shouting at someone who she perceived to have pushed in front of her (maybe reality, but the epic queue system makes pushing in near impossible?).

But when I saw this post by Red Eagle I understood… she must be navigating so much anger… it wasn’t about me, or the man she was ‘pushed in’ by… it was about her need to be powerful (or a belief that she was powerless).

I still don’t know if I could have come up with a ‘better’ (or funnier?) response (it doesn’t matter!), because her perception was stuck on the anger dial! but I do KNOW I want to empower my people not overpower them…

And that if I come from anger, I am in ‘defence’ & reaction instead of creation (same letters differently expressed!) & so instead I choose LOVE 🥰