Possibly the most powerful technique I ever created, plus our FREE event &…

I wish you a Happy New Year, because
it’s spring time (Happy Spring Equinox!), which for me is the time we emerge from our winter cocoon, and it is also Iranian (and Mayan) New Year, so feels like a time of renewal, rebirth and transformation!
I am back from my rolfing adventure, which was a really challenging and confronting journey: it felt like an immense and fast upgrade, and I experienced a lot of growing pains… but wow did some amazing integrations happen!
As you may know, I was awarded a scholarship to do my level 1 in rolfing, so have been studying (part 1) in Munich. I learnt so much about fascia, but most of all, I FELT so much. It was beautiful how it was all connected: My Wheel of consent work, studies around relating styles, all the holistic pelvic care work… and it all came together here…
On the plane back from the course, (I noticed a lot tends to happen for me on planes!), I had a profound realisation that I can also relax and release my own fascia with my own mind/focus! And since being back in the UK, this has evolved into probably the most profound form of meditation I have ever experienced!
I have since been practising it every single day, at various times of day to total 42 minutes (oh the specificity of this structure!), and each time I go in and clean and release, I am streaming with tears as more emotions are releasing… I am actually noticing physical signs of detoxification happening each day too (Wow!)
I am going to add it to my list of meditations to record this month, but I have a feeling that this one is so powerful it might only be in the last module of Goddxx Glow (because with great power comes with great responsibility and this one feels like first the body needs to be prepared in many other ways for such a journey!)
Meanwhile back in the UK, the Consciousness Conference has begun and oh it is glorious (even more glorious than it was in my imagination!) Huge big ups to the amazing Asia Nisciur (who also brought a most wonderful Conscious relating style to the way we work as well as so much other magic!), and Pinky Jangra who has built the most amazing platform for us to run the event from!
If you didn’t sign up already there is still time! Today is 2-8pm plus after party, and tomorrow is 2-8pm UK time also. HERE is the link for a FREE ticket (you can also replay the whole thing for up to three days after the event), and HERE is the VIP (you get lifetime access plus up to £1666 of goodies!)
I hope to see you there!