Learn how you can access your intuition to achieve unlimited success doing what you love!

So this weekend was my last in my favourite place on the planet right now: The Yucutan peninsula, and so I spent it in the jungle (of course because where else would you spend your last days in paradise!)… which is why I am writing to you to say hey today instead, from a very different kind of jungle… the concrete jungle that is NYC!

It was quite a shock to be honest arriving from a place where I have been experiencing such deep healing and heart opening in nature, to a city where you kind of need to have your armour on to navigate it in many ways… but luckily, I am navigating being streetwise with keeping my heart open and staying in the beautiful state of innocence which leads to intuitive greatness, connection and magic.

And on that note, I am so excited to tell you about the Intuitive Me Intuition Summit which I am cohosting with my co-intuitive magician, Jenny Marie (who I also hung out with in Mexico based on some magic intuitive synchronicities!).  And we decided to put on this epic three-day event, inviting 13 intuitive experts (the number of months in the Mayan calendar and the number which in ancient culture represented femininity because it corresponds to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year!) to share their secrets to their success in accessing their superconscious intuition! 

From March 24th to March 26th, Ella Mesma and Jenny Marie are bringing presentations from 13 industry experts who have found ways to listen to their intuition, acting on this infinite guidance and improving their life exponentially.  

You will hear about everything from how to pivot from even the worst of conflicting circumstances to a reality that works in your favour with Arush Bakshi, to what clarity in your life could bring forth with Cliff Tang, and why coming from a place of completeness, will help you attract what you want with Sherin Warren and much much more…  

I have two talks myself which will be about how I transformed my career by being unapologetically myself (plus five easy steps to align with your true self), and why we need a balanced nervous system to be able to listen to our intuition (and how to do it).  

Plus we have so many more awesome talks at the event (find out moreHERE

And… It’s FREE!  

I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself HERE Get your FREE ticket for the Intuitive Summit today! 
Maya Mentions: Embodied Alchemy ends & The Goddxx Path begins
(Normally these are me bigging up others but today I want to celebrate my amazing students/clients/the celebrities that chose to journey to JOY with me!)

Its the last week of Embodied Alchemy my evergreen course but I host group coaching sessions for twice a year (in January & September), and this round, with 13 wonderful humans has been beautiful!

They (you if you are reading this now!) are powerful, generous and magic, and it has been a JOY to see the power of the work as they (you!) integrate it! 

And I am SO excited to be interviewing all month for this years’ The Goddxx Path: a potent 9-month programme for women and non-binary people who want to embrace change, create the life of their dreams and finally overcome all of the bullshit that has been getting in the way of their doing that.

If you would like to book your interview (there are only a few slots left!) you can do so HERE