Happy New Year! (Yes really!)

Did you know we began a new year on Thursday 19th May 2022?

In the Tzolkin calendar (also known as the Galactic Mayan cycle), a new 260-day cycle (instead of 365 day cycle) began on May 19, 2022!

The Mayan calendar is my favourite way to follow the stars and my intuition, and is laid out as a with 20 periods of 13 days called wavespells.

Each period is numbered from 1 to 13, and each day is also given a name from a sequence of 20 day names, so for example Thursday in the Mayan calendar was Red Magnetic Dragon.

On this day (the 19th May), we set our purpose for the next 260 days. Today (Sunday 22nd) is Yellow Self Existing Seed, which is also a great day for planting seeds and fresh starts.

This day is about new life, calling us to move through the darkness of insecurity and safety to blossom past our comfort zone and align with our highest timeline potential (quoted from my dear friend Jyoti’s Astrological diary). 

What I love about Jyoti’s calendar is each day is marked with both the Gregorian and Mayan date to support understanding Galactic Time, and the offerings about the theme of each day… I even plan launches according to it.

 So I prepared for the new year this week with a wonderful session with my coach. I wanted to do a new land of plenty and set of choices (and oh how we upgraded them! Click to see a snapshot here)!

Then from Thursday and over the next Mayan year, I will be making my new choices each day, whilst also checking in with the energy of each day and wave spell using my Mayan calendar. 

So what is a Land of Plenty you ask? What are choices? 

Well, a Land Of Plenty is something I learnt from my teacher William Whitecloud, and is our own personal quantum field of potential.

We generate these 1 on 1 on the Goddxx Path (and I also guide it in group on my Embodied Alchemy course which launches in September this year!) to create high vibe choices which are not from our egoic idea of success but truly what our heart would love.

It is a place where we connect with all we have the possibility to create and all our heart desires.  Since I first did my land of plenty 8 years ago, everything around me has transformed to the point that now I am living so many aspects of my Land of Plenty to the full & it is beautiful!

It has been an incredible unfolding to realise how much I have transformed. And of course, the work continues! It’s a battle of evermore of unlearning all the life experiences and conditioning that caused me to dim my light and not be me to the full… and here is to the continued unfolding of that this new year! So choices are like mantras or affirmations which we make from our Land Of Plenty, and then work into every single day no matter what (as you will learn more about in my new edition of Journal to Joy  which is out very soon).

I have a very specific way of working with choices which creates powerful results!

Experience a wee sample of the process that gets me ready for my choices deep dive (like a taster/toe dip version) here 

So… Happy New Year beautiful ones! Wishing you all you would love to create for this new year! As of Thursday, I am loving my alchemical journey working with my choices & my Journal to Joy formula in tandem with my new Mayan calendar (which helps me to make sense astrologically with my experiences in the context of the 260 day Tzolkin, and with prompts about the alchemical potential of each day).