Moving from illusion to JOY: I finally overcame my fear and released my meditations to the world!

My biggest block was fear because even though I could see what I had created, I didn’t believe I deserved it, and even though I knew there was so much more I could achieve, I still didn’t always believe that I was possible… That is why many of the meditations I recorded in lockdown stayed in hiding until now!

Some of these meditations were actually recorded in 2020 in lockdown, but I procrastinated and didn’t take any action to actually share them until now…


Because I was hiding my light!

I was scared!

What if they are not good enough?/but they’re not perfect?/What if I am not worthy?

All this was echoing in my head..

But when I finally realised what I was doing, I got even more inspiration and recorded and then released even more along with the ones from 2020! Check them all out here (I have put all the 2021 recordings up at half price for the first 11 purchases!)


I love the fear because I know it’s really where the magic begins and I know how to get out of the way of it so the magic can unfold!

And you? 

What are your blocks? 

And how and where are you moving from illusion to JOY?