You might disagree with me but…

 What synchronicities have you been experiencing? 

 Last Sunday, I bought Ibeyi’s new album Spell 31, and experienced a beautiful synchronicity one of the first times I played the album whilst guiding a moving meditation for a show in Manchester! I themed the exercise around moving as if gold paint was dripping from the inside of the body (inspired by the idea we are not broken, we are all alchemist’s with goddxx like abilities), and Ibeyi’s new track ‘Made of Gold’ came on by chance/destiny (check out the full lyrics here). It was a very beautiful moment! 

My PowerUp! Podcast partner Ama Rouge actually met Ibeyi in London yesterday (which I think is super cool and also reminded me of the time Lisa gave me a call which made my year and I had a most funny freeze response to!)

I also had a luscious conversation with an incredible goddxx path client this week about fight or flight, & how whilst creative (euphoric stress) is vital, if we are in fight or flight mode we are not able to listen to our intuition. 

Many spiritual & intuitive teachers during my journey to joy have washed over trauma, have said things that triggered trauma or that are problematic because they don’t acknowledge where the privilege triangle intercepts with trauma in this work. 

Feeling unsafe leads to our ‘flipping our lid’ (as explained further in my THRIVE course and this PowerUp! episode). In that state, stress chemicals like cortisol move through our system to help our body to fight, flight, freeze or fawn (so we can be on high alert). In that state, everything else goes out the window: we are in survival mode.

 When we are in survival mode we can’t be creative or loving. In fact, this is the state where we are most likely to create in negative vision or sabotage our own success. When we are in that state of dy-stress (dysphoric stress or psychological tension), we are physically and unconsciously limited in our abilities to see things clearly or to consider alternatives, & so it is much harder to listen to our intuition, because our body defers all of our energy to protecting us.So we need to come our of that state. Dysphoric stress also leads to disease. We need to release the cortisol so we can also heal. Sometimes we don’t even know we are living in a constant state of stress because we have been in it our whole lives. 

 This is why practices like yoga, walking in nature, TRE, breath work & even taking holidays (all of which are perhaps privileges but should be universal rights?) are so powerful in our being able to self regulate and come back HOME to ourselves (to achieve a state of human HOMEostasis & be able to listen to our intuition). Here are a few invitations for coming back HOME to yourself. 

What are your thoughts on this?



Is privilege the right word and should these be universal rights? 

As always, I would love to know your thoughts!