Flipping Our Lid (& Flipping Binaries)

 I have been thinking about how focused we (and the media) can be on binaries… 

In 2021, I did a wonderful course called The Mixed Bloom Room where I came across the phrase of ‘it’s both and’ to describe the mixed experience of being in between…

Right or wrong.

Good or bad.

Victim or perpetrator.

Black or white.

But do we sometimes forget to consider context?

That we may be both? Or neither? Or that there is more than just binaries?

That as well as having God(dxx) like potential we are human beings with feelings and trauma imprints?

Do we realise that human beings, when we are stressed or our trauma imprints surface, we can, ‘flip our lids’, taking our rational brain offline & falling into fight, flight or freeze without thought?

This week in the media have we
forgotten that sometimes life is ‘in the both and’?

That all of it can be awful?

That one doesn’t excuse the other, but also things aren’t always as simple as a binary good or bad or right or wrong?

To me, the magic & unlearning is in letting go of the binaries, letting go of the boxes and learning to live in the space of the ‘both and’

This is why The Goddxx Path also is about unlearning binaries.

This is why The Goddxx Path is also about choosing the higher over the lower: not the binary opposite, not the box, but instead going for a complete refocus on what we would LOVE

This is why The Goddxx Path is also about coming back HOME to ourselves so we have tools for when we ‘flip our lid’ as well as tools not to flip our lid in the first place.

What are your thoughts?