Reflections from the Tor and finding my roots…

It’s been a busy time here, because I have had the absolute honour and JOY of choreographing on 17 incredibly talented first year students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance which has been a beautiful outpouring of wisdom from Tulum, but mixed with jetlag/incredibly productive nightime inspiration when I ‘should’ have been sleeping it’s been intense! 

This weekend, I came back to Bristol to rest & get a fresh perspective & I also started to actually wake up naturally again (normally I am an earlybird but since I got back from Tulum… not so much!) So yesterday, I decided to take a trip to Glastonbury as it was a beautiful sunny day and visit one of the highest energy centres on our planet: Glastonbury Tor (which is said to be Heart Chakra energy!) 

And the energy was abundant!

I feel love & summer & magic are on the horizon! 🎉 🥳 🐑  

Sitting up there (with a lot of wind in my hair, and a beautiful view of Bristol (and Wales in the distance!), I did some reflecting on 2022 so far.

Here’s some of my 2022 Equinox Tor reflections on my year 🧡  

1: I have created the gift of a trip to Tulum, the Mayan lands, finding my ancestral lineage (& discovering I have a whole family to meet… more on that soon!), as well as some really incredible projects over the next year which I can’t wait to dive in to! 

2: I have been experiencing even more intuitive connection ever since Mexico, including;
A knowing to launch The Goddxx Path on the 12th April & to continue this as launch date every year going forwards (see comments for reasons why!)
Intuively receiving/downloading what Maya Gandaia’s offerings are over the next 3 years & knowing this is where I want to dedicate my life’s work (I am so excited about sharing each & every creation with you!)
Intuiting the connection to all the healing I did of my ancestral lines in 2021 & Temezcal ceremonies & Sobada Maya (both explained in the comments) in Mexico & how that prepared the way for finding our family.  

3: The deep & profound ripples that the gift of rest, reflection & coming back HOME to myself in Mexico has had on how I am experiencing life back here, on my levels of creativity & my intuitive radar (even about very small things) & I am so grateful! 

The first month of The Goddxx Path (starting April 12th) is all about coming back HOME to ourselves: building a strong foundation ❤️  

And today is a powerful day for setting intentions & tapping into the powerful energy of the spring equinox 💙  

So here are some invitations for your own 2022 reflections & intentions: 

1: What intentions are you planting to build a strong foundation? 
2: What can you do to support your rest, your reset & your health?
3: Where don’t you feel grounded & how might you support your body & mind with grounding practises to come back to relaxed? 
4: What are you celebrating from 2022 so far?  

Sending biggest loves to you! ❤️