What is the price tag on being the best version of yourself?

My teacher William Whitecloud once said to me: “The creative orientation is a learning orientation: we choose it”  πŸ’ŽπŸ’°πŸš€πŸ’œ

And that has kind of been the theme for me this month despite having had many tests and challenges and sadly losing a family member.

As well as heartache, some powerful alchemy has emerged from holding this phrase in my heart: I have been choosing it, leaning in to the creative orientation, and simply asking this question, “Would I Love It?” to find my truth…

Plus there has been the magic of using Embodied Alchemy to Alchemise all the painful and the difficult into magic… 

The more practised and seasoned I become at being with and releasing my emotions (remember they only take 90 seconds to move through the body when we practice with presence), the more I seem able to alchemise them: to navigate and weave magic in my life no matter what is happening: to feel it all and to move through it and simultaneously thrive at the same time as being inside of the process.Β 

The thing is, in life, we push away feelings, we build walls, we protect ourselves, and we protect our hearts… we forget what we love for fear of rejection or failure or to fit in or because we think we can’t live the life of our dreams until our life is perfect, we are fixed, we don’t have any more problems etc… That becomes a habit, and we forget who we are, what creative outlets we love, and to choose to live in line with our hearts every day.

Embodied Alchemy is about unlearning those habits to become conscious beings.

Embodied Alchemy is about channelling all that stuff into creative expression and going for what we love.

Embodied Alchemy is about moving from an unconscious life, where we are swept along by what happens to us, to a life where we are the driving force: where we are REAL adults taking responsibility for ourselves, making the decisions, stepping up to our truest creative expression and showing up with LOVE.

We all have incredible potential.

Everyone has a gift to share with the world.

And a gift: a soul purpose that we are here to share.

When we know what we want, we can live in line with our heart’s desire at all times, no matter what life throws at us, and are able to be present, intuitive, creative and sentient beings… 

This year, despite its tests and difficulties, and only being 8 days in is also unfolding beautifully having created so much magic already as a coach, mentor, and choreographer as well as some epic adventures that I am creating purely because I KNOW they are in my Land Of Plenty (My quantum field of pure potential: the place where all my hearts desires are waiting to be realised: which I will also teach you all about in Embodied Alchemy) even if I don’t know exactly what or how they will unfold.

As alchemists, we light up the world and touch the hearts of others by being in service to OUR truth, OUR values and OUR creative genius!

This is Embodied Alchemy…

This is what awaits you!

At times I have been so frustrated: procrastinating, or denying, saying no even though I KNOW I would LOVE it… If you are like me and know deep down you would love to join Embodied Alchemy, this is your sign:

“The creative orientation is a learning orientation: we choose it”

Investing in yourself is never a waste πŸ’ŽπŸ’°πŸš€πŸ’œ

There are just 5 more days to BLAST OFF and 5 more days at this sale price (RRP Β£1111!!!)Β 

So come and join the family!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to begin 2023 empowered, embodied and ready to alchemise the shit (literally) out of life and an INCREDIBLE community of goddxxes that support you in shining.

If you’re ready to take the reins, invest in your well-being (and create great ripples in the world as you live your truth) and join this community of goddxxes, thenΒ click here to get started today for just Β£333

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful 2023 full of alchemy and magic!