The year of Divine Feminine energy, completions and a gift

Did you know that in the Haab Mayan calendar, the 26th July is the a year because it follows the cycle of the earth in relation to the Sun?

July 26th each year marks the start of a new cycle and a new ‘essence’ for the year ahead, signalled by the sign or glyph of that year (such as Seed, Monkey or Storm). This year is Moon: which is about the Divine Feminine, calling us to awaken to our sensual flow, our service on this magnificent planet & to honour our inner-tuition (our intuition) in service to our gifts.

Tomorrow, 25th July is called, The Day Out of Time (El Día Fuera del Tiempo) and is a day to give thanks and to reflect on what has been achieved and what lessons are still to be learned.

So HERE is an invitation to do your own Completion on the past year, or if that feels a lot, perhaps pick a specific event that you have recently completed on or the past month?

Me? I am looking forward to doing a BIG completion tomorrow… but I also completed on a huge journey this weekend because performing at The Place in London (which was an incredible completion in itself), also meant re-connecting to the me of 2009, who was studying there for a postgraduate in dance (after graduating with a 2:1 in Politics in 2005), and having a really hard time because I lost a lot of self worth & belief, & I didn’t even really have values personally yet, which meant I felt quite lost & unboundaried…

I believed I was an imposter by going back to study so late in my career & particularly in professional dance, and what unfolded was one of the most difficult years of my life both personally & professionally.


the great news is that now,

despite that being a very real experience to me, it was also a turning point, and now I am able to look back to that version of me and send her nothing but love for all that she endured and respect for her coming out the other side… and also gratitude at how my career has unfolded and how much my values and self worth are embedded in my being now.

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Wishing you a wonderful new spin!

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