The Art Of Being Messy

I am well, though it does feel I can be simultaneously happy, hurting and healing all at once in these different times… the beauty is that this Journey To JOY gives me the tools to navigate all of it!

So what has been happening?

Well I have been creating a magical new show for 3-6 year olds called The Rainbow Butterfly. It has been a gift & a challenge to get my body in shape for the stage, and I have noticed those moments of self doubt or negative thinking creeping in… about my body shape, or my flexibility or my stamina… but, with Journey to JOY tools, I refocus, and when I am thinking about the end result, over that “I am not good enough”, “It’s got to be perfect” type thinking, everything changes… the quality of my execution, the ideas and intention… even my abs! And I have come to the conclusion that being true… bringing our heart, versus ‘perfect’ is actually where it is at…

When we let go of our judgement of ourselves and let go of those voices of authority internalised… then we can unleash our inner superhero (our goddxx!)… it is in that state of flow that we can do superhuman things (like lift bags that weigh as much as an elephant onto public transport, or lift our pelvis above our head to nail the butterfly in the show!)

In the olden days (Before JOY), I was someone who was reluctant to shout about what I was doing (I actively did not share any of it), because it was, “not perfect yet”.

Now… I realise it is ALL me… and I would much rather be me than present just the shiny version online… plus half the stuff I think isn’t ‘perfect’, is actually the stuff others love!

What my Journey to JOY helped me realise… in the words of Beyonce’s BIGGER, is “I am part of something way bigger”.

I learnt to let go of all this self judgement because, well… it’s a bit boring in my head when I am doing that!

Plus, rather than spending my time wishing to be better and feeling like I haven’t achieved my potential, but not being able to achieve it unless it is perfect the first time, well… now I just do the ting because well… no one else cares!

By making and sharing the art… the art I make can reach and touch someone else’s heart… they can decide if it is, ‘good enough’ or not… but mostly… the ones who it needs to reach can take inspiration from it.

Maybe it inspires them too to create, or maybe the themes around the environment (in this current show) may inspire them to take action to save our beautiful Maya Tierra, or maybe the themes around identity touch their hearts and allow for more healing or integration, or inspire them too to be their truest self…

And what better gift is there than seeing another human express their truth?

So… in the words of Marianne Williamson, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?Actually, who are you not to be?

So my beautiful ones… where can you let go of perfection in your lives and just be in (messy) service? Can we let them (who is they anyway?!) be the judge of that and stop deciding before anyone has even seen our magic and just have fun making it?!

I would love to hear your thoughts and how and if you are also journeying this stuff?

And here are some ways to hang with me the next few months:

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Performance at The Place Family Day

Performance in Thirsk at Rural Arts

Sacred Self day with Yoga Kula at Harewood House on 6th August (quote RETREAT15 for 15% off for my friends and family discount)

Krya Tivity retreat in Portugal (for six people) from the 16-21st October 2022 with an amazing group of artists!