The universe is alive within you (& scientists proved it!)

Well here is a musing for you…

I recently learnt (from Cristian Pataki via Muayuma Yese), that in 1957, Margaret Burbidge and other scientists published a paper which demonstrated that the atoms in our body (the nitrogen, the iron, the carbon) are traceable to cosmic crucibles deep in the centres of stars! And that stars manufacture these atoms by thermo-nuclear infusion and then when the star explodes, it spreads and scatters that enrichment into gas clouds that make the next generation of star systems (such as us!)… so…the universe is alive within US!

And so I have been thinking about stars a lot… (as well as having handed out glow-in-the-dark star stickers to many children the past few weeks!), and how we use language around stars so often, such as, “you are a star” because we really are STARS!

And then I got thinking about the superstars… (by which I mean all artists)… that artists are (as well as so blessed to be exploring a path of self-expression to the full) conduits for others to create… And, by artists being themselves to the full, they inspire others to in turn be more themselves, and thus, spread more JOY and light up more stars on this planet… 

As an artist you learn so many skills that support you not to be scared: to be seen, to express your heart, to go for it no matter how much you are told life is about safety and survival: the artist, and creativity is a tool for expansion and intuition and such a powerful way to ignite and be you to the full…

So are artists (by which I mean all beings who express their heart to the full, who pursue the things that give them JOY, and express themselves creatively) superstars because, by being themselves, they help other stars to remember the star that they are? Is that what a true superstar is?

HERE is my post from last week that goes into more depth about that… thoughts are welcomed!

Growing up, I was encouraged that I would “get a proper job”, and to stop daydreaming and focus on the “real world”, but as an adult I am discovering that the more I unlearn this, the more I be ME to the full, the more awe, gratitude, wonder and JOY I experience on a daily basis… and the more I step into my creative, the more I hone my intuition, and create even more abundant ways to live my life that not only serve my highest but also support others to light up and be themselves to the full… so is the greatest service of them all to be the star that we are? 

Maya Mentions

Each week I also like to extend my Sparks of JOY to someone in our big global star family making magic… and today… well it just had to be THIS speech by James Baldwin… and in musical form (sampled by Marc E Bassey) HERE