Find out why we are leaving, why writing is the Act of Listening to oneself and how we can create using pelvic power…

I write late this week because (and also because I was busy!) it’s the end of an era!!! 

Yesterday, Ama Rouge and I released our laste episode of Powerup! Podcast on Sunday interviewing the wonderful Toni Giselle Stuart with, “Writing is the Act of Listening to Oneself” 

And it is Episode 70 of Season 7

The past three years we have created and delivered weekly podcasts over the 7 seasons with so many POWerful guests!

Everyone who came on the show has left their unique imprint and we are so grateful to all of them! 

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out why we decided to make episode 70 our last…

And here are a few of our favourites over the past three years: 

What’s in a word? Unpacking the Power of Language with Nkem Ndefo: Language is a vehicle for communication and for expression. How does it equip and support us? How does it get in our way? Deep dive with us and Nkem Ndefo, founder of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit, as we unpack the power of language.

To Live is To Feel. Balms and Tonics for our Mental Health with Ama Rouge & Ella Mesma: Join us as we open our series on mental health by speaking about our own mental health and what we’re learning.

Creative Revolution: Protest starts at Home with Dr Hannabiell Sanders: “Redefining protest – let’s not get rid of the word, let’s redefine it and get rid of some of this baggage”.   Dr. Hannabiell Sanders is a musician, educator, activist, entrepreneur, and ambassador of fun.

When did it get Distilled Down to can you Headstand? with Dianne Bondy: You do not want to miss this! We talk yoga, inclusivity, migration and self-care with Dianne Bondy. The mic drop moments though! 

We Move in Circles with Thomas “Talawa” Presto: “To have a circle is not the absence of having a front, it’s having multiple fronts at the same time.” We juicily dive into the role of the circle within dance and movement with Thomas “Talawa” Prestø. You are in for a real treat with this rich and mind blowing exploration.

How can we Unlearn Imposter Syndrome with Isaac Ouro Gnao: We talk mental health, creativity, and tips for managing imposter syndrome with Togolese-British dance and writing-based multidisciplinary artist, and freelance journalist Isaac Ouro-Gnao. 

Do You Believe You Are Possible? We begin by asking whether you believe you are possible? Big question right? We unpack what it means and go on to answer the question ourselves, sharing with you our personal journeys from disbelieving to believing that we are possible.

And MANY more… one listener said “I’m so sad it’s the last. So many interesting episodes and guests you had ranging from Nkem Ndefo to Robyn Dalzen and topics like figuring out if you’re possible to finding out hidden superpowers and even one of my favourite listens, imposter syndrome. All were interesting and all were needed for discussion. You both ended it with a bow, seal and a kiss. I appreciate you two both being in my ears or in my speakers while cleaning or next to me while sitting in the living room on a lazy Sunday. Here’s to many more. Love you both.” 

Feel free to share these episodes with anyone who might benefit… and if you know Oprah (and listened to Episode 70!), then you know what to do! 

And you will be able to continue to catch up always and forever across these channels:
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Plus we are also searchable on Alexa!

So we leave you with a BOW and a kiss!

Thank you to YOU! To all our listeners, who have supported us over the past 3 years: We love you!

Thank you too to the amazing Ama Rouge! Working with my bessie has been such a JOY and I am so proud of us for this creation! 

Maya Mentions

On Wednesday, my new course The SACRED Bowl launches. The SACRED Bowl is a course to bring balance to your pelvic space and includes LIVE (online) sessions in group twice yearly (cameras off) for the main part of the session. 

The Pelvic bowl is our powerhouse: the centre of our creativity, and also where we feel everything. This course teaches practices to bring balance and healing to this sacred space, to support you with energetic and physical boundaries and with creative inspiration to learn to live from this epic intuitive and creative centre.

Listen to my WHY about the course HERE