The only one who gets to decide your value is you!

This month on the Goddxx Path, the theme is FLY: moving through our blocks, our beliefs & the glass ceilings to move to JOY.

A few weeks back, I talked about di@ks… But the thing is, their di@k behaviour only works if we give it value: if we buy into it…

Our value doesn’t come from someone’s approval, friendship, listening to us or even respect. It’s called self-worth because it comes directly from us!

At this stage in the course we are coaching and deep diving into what parts of our belief in ourselves are unshakable, and shaking out the internal thought patterns that affect our behaviour and actions and ultimately mean we allow others to define us and distract us from shining brilliantly 😊

Knowing our value means being us to the full, unapologetically. It means connecting to our purpose and service to the world. It means being okay with all of our perfectly imperfect selves, and knowing that has nothing to do with our possibility or our soul truth.

So what is your soul truth?