“People are lying when they say I am good”

 “I’m not good enough to do that”

“Don’t bother trying”“They made a mistake” 

“People are lying when they say I am good” 

These were things that regularly went through my head in my first career as a dancer!

And things it took effort, and daily practice to unlearn.

Ella means complete, but for a long time I felt far from it! I have gained quite a lot of experience over the last 20 years of my career! And yet I still have huge bouts of self doubt.

I am eternally learning (Because I am a number four with a strong 3 wing: more on that soon!): in part because I always feel like I don’t know anything! I mean there is a lot to learn! But I also now now that whilst my belief may be sticking around and popping its head up often, it is in fact an illusion and I do belong and I am worthy!

And this is one of my inspirations for making my new imposter syndrome course!

There are 7 modules, which have been divided into particular areas of growth;

Understanding what imposter syndrome is

Understanding why we have imposter syndrome

Understanding the beliefs behind imposter syndrome Assembling the fundamentals of unlearning

Tools to unlearn the lead (The sticky stuff/the sh%t)

An alchemical toolbox

Even more tools to raise our vibration 

The course will be launching on the 14th March and I am so excited to share it with you! Do you have any of these unhelpful inner critic voices?

If so, I hope this imposter deep dive will be very fruitful!