Why is understanding colourism so important?

I have been pretty busy this week acclimatizing to the cold of England and catching up with all my UK family and friends whilst also juggling all those bits that I couldn’t really get done in Tulum


If you would like some magic this week, I actually have a very epic piece of it! 

It is out our latest podcast post, “Lots of little fires” with the incredible Dr Sarah Webb who is an expert on colourism. 

When we experience systemic oppression, such as colourism our whole lives, it can be easy to tolerate it, to just think opression is normal. This is why, to do the work of empowering, we also all need to dismantle, to look at how we approach discrimination and hold those who uphold the systems accountable. If we are directly (or indirectly) told our whole lives that we are less-than or don’t deserve success, then, when we do begin to be successful, we can begin to believe we don’t deserve it, that we are an imposter.  

Our next season (the first of 2022) of PowerUp! Podcast launches with a series on imposter syndrome which includes me talking about and launching my new Imposter Syndrome Course (as well as some epic goddxx guests!) 

We also just held a competition featuring Dr Sarah Webb’s jumper/sweater/swumpers (explained in this episode).

Feel free to let me know what you would call it (is it a jumper a sweater or a swumper?)