Kindness is the BEST tool: Plus 3 tips for dealing with di@ks!

Greetings and Grand rising beautiful dancer, creative, human!

 I am intrigued… 

Did you ever meet an alpha type during your career who behaved like there wasn’t space for anyone else (besides them) to shine? 

During my career I have met a LOT of Di@ks!  

And that majorly dampened my experiences and my confidence…  

But not anymore! 

Here are my top tips for dealing with dinosaurs creatives who won’t share space (so they can no longer have any success in dimming your light) 🦖 

1: Say NO, quit, speak up, don’t tolerate their Di@kish behaviour
2: Do the inner work, the alchemy, the getting to who you really are to unlearn any part of you that believes that nonsense
3: Embrace your magic, creativity, divinity and be YOU to the full! 

In my more recent years, I (and it seems the industry) has less patience for the ‘Do you Know who I am?!?’ kind of dancer, and alot more space for people who as well as having talent are ‘gente boa’ (great humans!) 

I have no tolerance for, ‘I do what I want when I wanna do it’ kinda peoples… and so much time for the people who actually give a sh@t about their audience, crew, community, backstage team, people! 

So I am starting a new hashtag…#dontbeadickasaurus 😂 

Can we call it out as a collective please so we can all enjoy our jobs and this beautiful art that contributes so much to the world? 

FACT: Kindness is the BEST tool for transforming lives ❤️ What are your thoughts ! ? 

And if you know an amazing dancer struggling because they have to work with di@k please forward this to them to remind them how amazing they are!!!!