1/3 off the 1/3 off plus finally facing the scariest truths!

Grand Rising ,

How are you gorgeous human?

I am back home enjoying some much needed down time!

This week has included teaching on the Yoga Kula Teacher Training Course, leading a beautiful HEART workshop at Yoga Kula, the penultimate Embodied Alchemy session & finally seeing Woman King!

Last night, I awoke with some intuitive wisdom and knew to do another land guidance, and got some powerful insights into my exciting (and a little scary) next steps.

Like you, I’ve had many moments where I ignored my intuition and paid for it with missed opportunities or scary encounters or uncomfortable conflicts… and there are three huge ones that until now have been so scary I couldn’t look…

Now I am finally facing them! Because now, no matter how weirdly fantastic, impossible, overwhelming… I follow that intuition!

Why didn’t I always listen to my intuition?

Maybe it’s because I thought I was an intellectual?

I was raised by a rockstar scientist Dad(j) who trained me to follow my analytical, rational mind at all times… plus who taught me (along with my Superstar language teach Mum) that I would go to university (because both of them were the first to do so and I would follow in their footsteps) and in fact… studying Politics & Sociology at Leeds university whilst interesting, was counter to my intuition.

Maybe I didn’t listen because we live in a confusing, busy, overwhelming world full of so many messages, social media, adverts selling us the lifestyle we want, even films with the
same happy endings… not to mention all the bad news of the world… it’s not surprising so many of us live in fear…

Fear can make it hard to hear that quiet voice of inner tuition… to listen to the whisper (that is actually our superpower) and to change those beliefs and unstick all the stuck-ness…

That’s why I have loved the first round of Embodied Alchemy course and seeing more people learn the transformational tools that awoke me to my own intuition. 

I am excited to invite more people to join the next round in January.

This 8-week online course, Embodied Alchemy offers Meditations to reclaim your confidence and vitality, Movements to clear your energy, Manifestation tips to live super consciously and connect to your JOY!

Due to these different times, it will remain at £333 (1/3 of the real price) until the 31st December (and I would love to invite you to join us!), but for this week and this Big Friday sale, I am taking 1/3 off of the 1/3 of the real price (available until next Sunday only: your purchase will be evergreen: you will have lifetime access even though its real value is £1111).

On Embodied Alchemy, we delve into the core blocks that keep most of us from listening to (and benefitting from) using our intuitive wisdom. I will be helping you to uncover and break through your own personal obstacles, so you have the inner strength and unshakeable belief to go for what you would love, plus I will be offering some beautiful tools to stretch your intuitive muscle and create structure, so the logistics and the ‘how to’ don’t get in the way of living in flow (and all that in a beautiful high vibe community).

When you unblock your intuition, you: 

Become more aware, more confident, and more empowered in your life.

Trust yourself (no matter how strange), and life’s beautiful unfoldings, twists and turns.

Connect to your true purpose & JOY.

Get all the Emotions in Motion so you can access flow & creativity.

Embodied Alchemy starts on the 12th of January & runs for 8 weeks.

So, in a world full of opportunities and so much awaiting our attention, I hope you can take a deep breath right now, close your eyes, and ask your inner wisdom: listen to the whisper and see if it says “yes” to this powerful opportunity to learn how to access your greatest gift…

Is it YES to removing the remaining blocks to your intuitive superpowers?

Is it YES, I would love to experience a high vibe, energy clearing moving meditation every week for 8 weeks to jumpstart my intuition!

Is it YES, I could really benefit from setting aside one hour a week for 8 weeks to attend a live to talk intuition directly with you Maya (and give myself this opportunity for a life-changing upgrade in every area of my life!)


Okay, you know what to do!

Click here to sign up for Embodied Alchemy