In our Wheel of Consent session I learnt that boundaries are clear intentions…

Happy Friday to you all the way from Brazil! Since we spoke last I worked a wonderful job in Italy and now am in Brazil to explore a relationship, connect to nature after a very intense work period, and as a kind of HOME coming on multiple levels… 

And today I am writing with more POW downloads on holding ourselves whole (still aligning with themes of boundaries, pleasure & intuition)… and of course they all connect to how I said YES to coming here and the magic unfolding… there have been some truly synchronous moments that further embed my learning from last week… all in connection to holding ourselves whole, which I hope will provide some valuable reflection for you too Ella.

As you know, on my 9-month programmed The Goddxx Path this month, we are journeying boundaries and pleasure and how they are intricately connected to our intuition… and there are aspects of all of these in this week’s share…this week I held a wonderful Wheel of Consent workshop with them, and even more landed about where this work can further connect us to our hearts.

And, what has been landing me is that “boundary work” is actually less about my (or my clients) boundaries with others and more about my boundaries with myself… boundaries are actually about a commitment to honoring myself: be that what we choose to eat or drink, or giving ourselves time for rest, or in relation to bigger interactions with someone else. 

Boundaries allow us to be authentic beyond our cultural or societal or patriarchal or colonial conditioning: they help us to stay connected to our values and value, and so in turn reflect our truth and intuition… so what is obvious to me is boundaries are less about trying to protect ourselves or something we must establish, and more about what we love and what energizes us. When we make daily choices (the work I teach is all about choices), we ground in who we are and have clear intentions. With this embedded, and our intention clear, boundaries are clear and we can remain loving and whole hearted as we commit to our truth. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!