HERE is an impala shaking off stress (basically doing TRE) in the wild… Wow!

I have been on an amazing residency this week… and in between that, giving TRE sessions, because I am doing my certification!

TRE stands for Trauma Release Exercise, and I first found it in 2015 when I was making a piece called Ladylike, which, whilst healing, required me to go back into traumatic events that I did not enjoy reliving. And then I found TRE: a sequence of 7-8 movements developed by David Bercelli that gently invoke tremors to get the emotions in motion, without having to remember the traumatic events.

What I love about this work is our bodies were actually designed to tremor: in fact, since I got so good at tremoring over years of practice, when I had a traumatic injury a few years back, I used tremors to cope with the 22 hours I had to sit in pain whilst waiting for a surgeon.

When we allow our body to tremor we discharge excess energy from the nervous system (we get our emotions in motion), and once that process is complete, our body can return to its natural state of calm. 

Here is why I love TRE: 

TRE helps the body to remember how to return to natural states of rest. 

TRE allows us to release trauma without having to remember the thing that happened.

TRE can help us to recover from work stress, exercise exertion and helps free up pain… naturally!

I actually witnessed my own slowing down and coming back HOME to myself by doing TRE… and I am so grateful!

and lots more reasons too.

HERE is an impala shaking off stress (basically doing TRE) in the wild… Wow! 🙂

Let me know if you are interested in experiencing TRE? And don’t forget Embodied Alchemy launches on the 22nd September. Sign up HERE

Biggest Loves,

Ella “Maya Gandaia” Mesma xxx