Corona means Crown

My name is Ella, and I created this movement along my journey of waking up to the illusions (Maya) holding me back from creating what I would love.
This time has been testing, and I hope this email finds you staying well and safe. If you like me are self employed, if you have lost loved ones, or are far away from those you love: we send you love, and if you need to talk, please do reach out.
I would love to share the story of how I came to create Maya Gandaia.I have a great many skills and things going for me, but around 5 years ago, I didn’t see life that way because I was stuck in my victim story. I was convinced I didn’t belong, wasn’t good enough, needed fixing or to be perfect before I could really start living the life I chose.
Rather than appreciating that I was doing what I loved, I was busy thinking about how I could be better, I thought I was busy surviving, hustling and desperately seeking out jobs and opportunities. I was bumbling through life: sometimes massively high, but other times feeling upset and flawed.
There was a real turning point for me one day, when I was facing another huge to do list that sent me into depression and overwhelm before I had even begun: when I realised: enough is enough… that I was creating a cycle, a pattern, and that the only person to break out of it was me!
I will tell you more about what came next in my next email, but meanwhile, in these uncertain times, I thought I would offer some reflections on the ego and on putting lemons in our tea.
I am a big believer in seeing the gifts in every moment, and in recognising that when we let go of definitions: such as good, bad, right, wrong, we can also learn more about ourselves and grow in each new experience.
In times like these, the ego is super busy trying to make sense of everything: it is trying to orient itself: it doesn’t know (and the ego loves to know), and so paranoia and fear can kick in. But perhaps one silver lining we can find in this could be an opportunity to go inwards, to take time off and reflect on the life you would really love to be living.
The word corona, in the hope it might help you find those silver linings. Corona means “crown” in Latin and has derived from Ancient Greek κορώνη or Yoruba Karaun. A karaun is an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other stars. The crown chakra is all about our highest self, and getting closer to our truth.
We recently held our HOME workshop: a dive into building a good foundation to put the habits in place and decide how you want to live your life: I wonder: has this time inside your home meant you are having the time to put those steps in place, or that you can spend more time in nature?
Can you use this time for reflection? As an opportunity for self growth? For putting a foundation of meditation or other wellbeing practises in place?
I invite you to join me in visualising the good health and wellbeing of all who have been or will be affected by the virus, across the world, and for the virus to diminish quickly; may we all use this time to continue to evolve, to spread love on this planet, and to come closer to our truth.