Chakra Balancing

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Maya Gandaia is a concept for breaking out of the illusion and mundanity of living to survive to move to the highest vibrations of joy where we thrive and CREATE! 

We are all genies (geniuses’) with incredible potential. We are far more creative, than we realise and with this journey I want to empower as many humans as we can to be more you: to sing your song shamelessly, loudly and proudly.Today I am offering a morning meditation which I repeat it every day to awaken my truth and align me with my creative purpose.

Each day is like a micro of our macro world: a reflection or all of our patterns, and how we live our whole lives. So, the habits and systems we create on a day to day basis are a powerful tool to step out of the life no longer serving us and move to one of joy.

Joe Dispenza says, “Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives”, which resonates profoundly. with this work, this alchemical process. Maya Gandaia (pronounced My-A Gan-dye-A) is our company name because it translates as Maya meaning ‘Illusion’ in Sanskrit, and ‘Gandaia’ the joy in Portuguese.

I received Maya Gandaia as my Earth name: on a magical ritual in early 2017, and it perfectly vibrates my desire to empower creatives and entrepreneurs to release their fears, re-connect to their passion and power, and create a life of joy.
Try this morning meditation to align your chakras before you make your choices
Stay strong shining stars, and I wish you joy and magic