Are YOU a Goddxx dear?

Are YOU a Goddxx dear ?

We are ALL divine on the inside!

So what kind of Goddxx are you?

How do you talk, walk, breath Goddxx?

In my world, Goddxx means to be connected to pursuing my JOY, and choosing to be, or become, the highest and best version and expression of myself

Some of us live Goddxx every single day:
Choosing ourselves,
Choosing our voice,
Choosing our truth,
Choosing our tears,
Choosing our enthusiasm,
Choosing our magic,
Choosing our laughter,
Embracing our weaknesses and our strengths, 

Owning our shit,
Saying sorry for our mistakes
And choosing to align with the highest version of ourselves always.

And some of us turn away from our inner goddxx because sadly we live in a patriarchal society that has never encouraged us to step into that aspect of our truth.


So, I ask you…

How much of your inner Goddxx do you honour daily?
How much do choose to embody?
How do you embody your Goddxx daily?
And how much do you actually want to, are you ready to live by it?

If you are ready hit the OH MY GODDXX YESSSSSS button (There is no free gift or sell for you but a very silly surprise!)

If you are not… well I wish you a life of mundane contentment or absolute bliss!