Accredited Natural Success Coach

“To know who you are at heart, to know what you’d like to at heart, to know how you’d love to create it … that is Genius.”

William Whitecloud

It was a JOY to receive my accreditation for this epic 8 year journey in alchemy from the one and only William Whitecloud this week!

In 2014, I followed an invitation that led me to find alchemy via a teacher called William Whitecloud.

Training with William was difficult in many ways and because in my belief, he embodied authority and he was a mirror in that he showed me my many beliefs!

But the learning and the growth and expansions I have made from doing this work is so powerful that even back then I made a promise to myself to go deep no matter what to study all the way to becoming a coach of the work, and to look at my beliefs and the lead no matter what, so that I could undo the thinking patterns and beliefs that I had created as a child.

I am eternally grateful for how my life as unfolded as a consequence.

Thank you William it’s been life changing